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Although Will Eisner introduced many femme fatales to The Spirit, the tale of Autumn Mews only covered two Sections.

First appearing in the 2 October 1949 section - the Central City papers are reporting that mob boss 'Stinger' Ray is dead - Police Commissioner Dolan knows that Stinger was planning to retire and goes off to find the mob boss before he winds up in the morgue.

Whilst Dolan is searching for Stinger, a meeting between the other mob cartels of Central City is taking place. The group, consisting of Autumn Mews, Vulture, Stabby and Snagly, all agree that no one will make a move for Stingers territory until twelve hours have passed. As Vulture, Stabby and Snagly leave, Autumn has another visitor...

The Spirit asks who leaked the story about Stinger to the papers

After speaking with Autumn, The Spirit decides to go to the park, where he becomes stuck in the middle of a gunfight between the other three mob bosses - just as The Spirit is about to be shot by the last member of the gang, he is saved by Autumn who shots the last of her competition. Grateful for saving his life, The Spirit lets Autumn go when Dolan arrives with his men.

The following weeks section shows Autumn now in charge of the whole city, with the aid of Virgil Gunbelt, but they are being hampered by The Spirit. As Virgil goes off to pull a robbery, Autumn continues with her plan to get rid of The Spirit...

The Spirit's new assistant, Sammy (introduced in the South Seas series), receives a note from Autumn asking if they can meet.

Autumn tells Sammy that she is being blackmailed by The Spirit

Refusing to believe her, Sammy asks Commissioner Dolan who reveals that although The Spirit was considered an outlaw when he first appeared in June 1940, he is "now treated as an unofficial cop!"

Confused, Sammy pays a visit to the library and whilst there looks at the newspapers for June 1940 - quickly discovering that The Spirit is really Denny Colt, Sammy goes off to Autumn to tell her that he has found that The Spirit is no crook.

Meanwhile, Virgil has been caught by the police and put into jail, leaving Autumn to run the mob by herself. Sammy presents the evidence he has found to Autumn, who picks up the phone and calls Dolan...

Autumn tries to blackmail The Spirit whilst an astonished Sammy looks on

Taking matters into his own hands after realising what he has done, Sammy first calls Autumn on the phone, and pretending to be Dolan, agrees to releasing Virgil. Managing to release Virgil from jail (quite how Sammy gets the keys to the jail is not revealed!), Sammy then looks on as Virgil manages to get back to Autumn. Immediately surrounded by the police, Virgil gets himself and Autumn involved in a violent shoot out, which kills them both.

Sammy has managed to keep The Spirit's secret safe, but at what cost?

Although the introduction of Sammy as another sidekick for The Spirit to replace Ebony seemed like a poor choice, stories such as these show us that Eisner certainly seems to have more in store for poor Sammy than for Ebony.

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