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Created by Bob Kane (who worked in the Eisner-Iger shop), the Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (cover dated May, 1939) and soon grew to worldwide success becoming one of the most recognized comic book characters of the 20th Century.

Like The Spirit, Batman shares the following:

  • both do not possess super powers

  • both have a colourful and fascinating rogues gallery

  • both have younger assistants to help on their adventures

  • both are friends of their cities police commissioner

Although the characters had never met in a story for over sixty years, they have appeared together twice in 1989!

The cover to Amazing Heroes #157 (cover dated 15 January, 1989) shows the two characters as drawn by Will Eisner

As you can see above, in this cover Eisner does not show the eyes of Batman.

The second meeting took place in the pages of Detective Comics #600 (cover dated May, 1989).

The back pages of the issue featured tributes to the character of Batman from various creators and talent including Berni Wrightson, Neal Adams, Adam West, Dick Sprang, Stan Lee, and of course Will Eisner.

As can be seen, in this illustration Batman's eyes are visible.

With much of Will Eisner's work being kept in print by DC Comics and The Spirit series now being published in DC's Archive series, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the two characters might meet...

And with the introduction in 2007 of a new Spirit series (written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke), a special one shot preceded the series featuring Batman and The Spirit!

The cover to Batman/Spirit #1

The story highlights the similarities between the villains and cast of supporting characters for the heroes as Commissioners Dolan and Gordon go to Hawaii for the Policeman's Benevolent Association Annual Law Enforcement Convention. Along the way the two men fall for the 'femme fatale' of P'Gell (who Gordon has fallen for) and Pamela Isley (aka Poison Ivy).  Not realising that the convention is a dupe set up by The Octopus wherein most of the classic Spirit and Batman villains meet. It's upto Batman (& Robin) and The Spirit to save the Commissioners and round up the villains...

A splash page from Batman/Spirit #1

The artwork of Cooke (who had previously worked on DC's New Frontier) works well in showing a grim Batman and the rogue's gallery are a cross between the 1950s Batman comic book series and the classic 'Batman the Animated Series' show. Perhaps The Spirit is shown as too humorous - but Darwyn would present further adventures of the character in the new DC Comics series.

A page from Batman/Spirit #1 

The only other complaint about this one shot is that it was too short! It would have been great to have read more of the rogue's gallery teaming up with each other, and perhaps more about the eventual round-up of the villains by an unexpected guest star near the end of the story.

If anyone knows of any other meeting of The Spirit with other characters, apart from Cerebus and Superman, please email me.

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