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Which of The Spirit's femme fatales knew Denny Colt as a child? (Answer at bottom of this page)
The Spirit section Title Action, Mystery, Adventure

This is where you will find links to not only the characters that appear throughout the run of The Spirit, but also those characters that might have appeared just once in a story, or characters that would be of interest to fans of The Spirit.

A Brief History of The Spirit

A concise overview of The Spirit sections published between 1940 and 1952.

Army Tales

This features the characters of Joe Dope, Private Dogtag among others.

Autumn Mews

A look at one of the femme fatales who appeared in the series.

Baseball Comics

The main character in this series is Rube Rooky.


A look at the two 'meetings' the Batman had with The Spirit in 1989.

Blue Mask and Bette Davis Eyes - The Women of The Spirit

An article by Mikel Midnight, originally published on the Sequential Tart site looking at the women in The Spirit's life.


A look at the meeting between the aardvark and The Spirit.


The main supporting characters of The Spirit are listed here.

Dictator's Reform

Hitler in The Spirit? This page gives the details.

Dr Schyzoid

The Spirit, being psychoanalyzed?

Gerhard Shnobble

This character only made an appearance in one story of The Spirit, but find out why this is one of Will Eisner's favourites.

John Law

This was a character created by Will Eisner back in the 1950s but was not published until the 1980s - but some of the plots used for this series would turn up in The Spirit.

Killer McNobby

A look at the only Spirit story told entirely in rhyme!

Lady Luck

A look at this character who appeared as one of the additional strips in the Comic Book Section.

Life Story of the Octopus

Mr. Mystic

A look at the other character who appeared as one of the additional strips in the first few years of the Comic Book Section.


A hero in a domino mask and blue business suit protecting his city - it has to be The Spirit? No, it could also be Midnight. Find out more about this character by clicking on this page.

New York Herald Tribune Spirit Section

On January 9, 1966, the first new Spirit section was published in almost 14 years. Until recently that story has never been reprinted. Now you can see what this rare section was about and why it is one of the most unique Spirit sections published.


The story of the ape that thinks like a man! This pre-war Spirit story is described by Eisner as explosive for it's time!

Secret Origins

Do you know the origin of The Spirit? What about The Octopus? Click here to find out.

The Spirit: The New Adventures

A review of this series which featured brand new tales of The Spirit by some of today's great comic book creators.

The Sprite

In 1974, New Paltz Comix published this parody of The Spirit Thanks to Mikel Midnight for assistance with this page.


A look at some of the characters who have appeared over the years that bear a striking resemblence to Denny Colt's alter ego.


Just over twenty years ago, Vampirella went in search of a killer at Wildwood Cemetery, someone believed to have been killed there many years ago and who has now returned to life... Denny Colt! Article by Mikel Midnight.

Wonder Man

Before Eisner created The Spirit, he created or co-created many other notable comic book characters - learn the infamous story of Wonder Man, and why it cost Eisner $3,000! Article by Mikel Midnight.

The Wraith

A look at Michael T. Gilbert's character which was inspired by The Spirit.

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