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During the early 1990s, Stan Lee (the scripter and co-creator of many of Marvel Comics most famous characters) introduced and interviewed a number of comic book artists and writers in a direct to video series called The Comic Book Greats.

The main end credits

The eleventh volume of the series featured Will Eisner - whom Stan describes as ... one of the rare talents in our business who is not only creative and competent and capable, but he's innovative.

Stan 'The Man'Lee   Will Eisner

The tape starts off with Will giving a brief history of his career, from his days growing up in the Bronx to starting up the Eisner-Iger shop. Eisner describes the shop as being run like a slave ship... I was the drummer. They move on to show some examples of his work (from Kitchen Sink's The Spirit Casebook Volume 1 and The Art of Will Eisner). Stan describes the splash pages as a masterpiece of design.

Stan and Will discussing the early days of American comic books   Talking about Will's work on The Spirit

After some discussion about using comics as an instructional tool, which Will started to become involved in after The Spirit ended in 1952, the graphic novel A Contract With God is mentioned. Will Eisner relates the story of how he came up with the term graphic novel when trying to describe the project to a prospective publisher without using the words comic books. Stan tells Will that it is time to earn his keep by going to the drawing board to do some sketches.

Will working on The Spirit sketch   Will signs the sketch for Stan

Will starts off by demonstrating the use of sequential art to tell a story, followed by how by just altering the slant or the eyes of a character can change their expression or demeanour. Eisner mentions that he considers himself a writer. I write with pictures. Stan asks for Will to do a sketch of The Spirit, which Will happily obliges.

These two giants of the field shake hands

The tape ends with the two men shaking hands and Stan hastily rolling up The Spirit sketch for him to keep, warning Will not to trip on the way out otherwise they would have to do the whole show again!

It is obvious from the tape that both men do hold an admiration for each other and the work they have done in the field over the years. The only disagreement which comes out on the tape is Will's dislike for the film The Terminator which Stan tries to defend.

This tape is still available directly from the publisher, Starbur, or can be ordered from Barnes & Noble (check the Rare & Out of print books section) or Bud Plant.

The front cover of the tape The back cover of the tape

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