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What year was The Spirit first reprinted in the United Kingdom? (Answer at bottom of the page)
In 1995, publisher Byron Preiss released some comic book related CD-ROMs: The Multimedia Cartoon Studio - featuring over 60 animated cartoons and hundreds of colour cartoons from The Cartoon Bank; R Crumb Screensaver & Companion - containing over 25 fully animated screensavers featuring Crumb's most famous characters; and, of course, The Spirit.

The cover to the CD-ROM

This CD-ROM feature all of the sections originally published in 1947, which includes Ev'ry Little Bug, Showdown with The Octopus, The Spirit's Favorite Fairy Tales For Juvenile Delinquents, among many others.

One of the background screens on the CD-ROM

The disc contains 29 video clips of Will Eisner talking generally about the series, the characters and the creation of the series and comic books and comic book artists today.

The main screen from which the sections are viewed and the clips played

The CD-ROM was created specifically for Windows 3.1, although the images are in standard bitmap form and the video clips of Eisner are AVI format, so they can be viewed on most modern systems. The disc also contains a screensaver which displays splash pages from the 1947 sections.

This was an excellent idea for a CD-ROM - the only slight niggle I have with this is the fact that the sections are in black and white, and it would have been nice to hear Eisner talk more about the specific stories on the disc (like the excellent Kitchen Sink reprint series). However, with all of the Mad magazines being converted to electronic format in the Totally Mad CD-ROM set, and the excellent Comics on CD-ROM series, it would be a great idea for someone to release all of The Spirit sections (in colour, and with annotations from Eisner about the sections) on CD-ROM or equivalent.

Thanks to Josť de Leon for pointing out that in 1995 it would have been technically very difficult to produce the sections in colour on the CD-ROM without a huge price increase in the cost of the CD, although now of course it is very easy to do.

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