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One of the most unusual meetings involving The Spirit occurred in the pages of Cerebus Jam#1 published in 1985.

Cerebus, the creation of talented writer/artist Dave Sim, first appeared in 1977 and was intended as a pastiche of Marvel Comics' Conan The Barbarian series - with Sim's main character, Cerebus, being an aardvark!

The four page tale in Cerebus Jam#1 is narrated by, well, someone familiar to regular readers of The Spirit: It finds Cerebus in the custody of Commissioner Dolan for disturbing the peace. It is up to The Spirit to try and escort Cerebus to the jail when the aardvark refuses to pay the fine to settle his sentence.

The Spirit & Cerebus

After much mayhem, the fine is paid by our mysterious narrator and Cerebus is free to go.

The story was written by Dave Sim, who laid out and lettered the whole story and pencilled Cerebus. Gerhard, Dave Sim's assistant on the regular series, did most of the backgrounds for the story. Will Eisner pencilled and inked Dolan and The Spirit in the story, as well as a few elements of the backgrounds.

This enjoyable short story was recently reprinted in The Spirit Jam.

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