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What issue of Amazing Heroes did The Spirit appear on the cover with Batman? (Answer at bottom of the page)

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Amateur Press Associations (or "APA"s as they are known) are a group of like-minded individuals who publish their own collections of material and distribute them free of charge to other members in the Association.

The Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association (CFA-APA) was created by long time comics fan Roger Hill and they publish their own journal of comic art (usually on a specific topic) 2 - 4 times a year.

The #17 mailing, dated 31 January 1990 was on Will Eisner and The Spirit:

The cover to the CFA-APA issue on The Spirit & Will Eisner

Featuring lots of artwork (mainly pieces done for fans) by Eisner and several articles on Eisner's work on The Spirit as well as other works like: Captain Scott Dalton, Espionage starring 'Black Ace', The Flame [under name of Ermin], Dan Dugan the Patrol Squad as well as the handful of graphic novels that Will Eisner had released by then.

A colour image which appeared in the issue One of many 'head shots' of The Spirit which appeared in the issue An illustration done by Eisner for a fan

Among those who contributed artwork and articles to this issue were: John Hitchcock, Joel Pollack, Monte Beauchamp, John Province, Ethan Roberts, Charlie Roberts, Bart Bush, Dave Applegate, Dick Vincent, Tom Vincent, Bill Leach, Ike Wilson, Al Czarnecki, Stephen Turner, Len Fausto, Bob Lewis, Roger Hill, Larry Shell, Mike Shields, Ed Erkes, Russ Garwood, Larry Miller, George Hagenauer, Jack Gilbert and Wally Harrington (who also served as editor on this issue).

With a circulation of only 60 copies, this publication is usually highly sought after by collectors.

An image by Eisner urging fans to go to the 1980 San Diego Comic Con

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