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Although Will Eisner had little involvement with The Spirit by the second half of 1951, there were several good ideas for sections which if Eisner had been able to work on would have proved classics.

The 21 October 1951 section, 'A Guide to Clean Living' (aka 'The Spirit's Own Purposeful Guide to Clean Living') is one of these sections:

The Spirit awakes

Told in the third person (there is no speech at all in this section), it shows a typical working day. Starting above with The Spirit awakening (in what looks like a typical house despite the fact that he lives in Wildwood Cemetery!), it goes on to show him having breakfast, then avoiding being shot by someone entering the new Can You Kill The Spirit Contest whilst walking through the cemetery. Working with Commissioner Dolan, they soon trace the founders of the Kill The Spirit Club and of course a fight ensues.

The Spirit involved in a typical battle

A very interesting idea for a story, but as Eisner tells Tom Heintjes:

"The entire tone of the story... is lighthearted and ironic, and in the very last panel you've got The Spirit beaten and hospitalized, looking like he's near death, and Ellen Dolan is weeping for him.

The panel which Eisner refers to

"If I'd been doing it, The Spirit would definitely have been conscious, and I would have had a look on his face like 'Can you believe what goes into a day's work?' Like Cary Grant. The way it's presented here is not appropriate."

Whilst this is true, the rest of the story does provide an amusing look into a day in the life of our hero.

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