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In 1974 one unusual item of Spirit memorabilia was released, The Spirit Coloring Book!


Published by Will Eisner's 'Poorhouse Press', this oversized softback volume printed 15 splash pages from The Spirit sections in black & white.

The splash page to the 15 January 1950 section

Along with each splash page, Will Eisner precedes each piece with a page about the story. This collection features splash pages ranging from December 1940 to January 1950 (including a redrawn splash page done for Warren Magazines reprint of Showdown with The Octopus).

An interesting publication, one of the only publications of Will's Poorhouse Press that features The Spirit. Because of it's large size, it is not common to find good copies of it today - it does turn up from time to time on eBay though.

The splash page to the 14 August 1949 section

Sections featured:

1 December 1940
5 January 1941
23 June 1946
1 September 1946
6 October 1946
30 November 1947
27 June 1948
11 April 1948
22 February 1948
3 April 1949
27 March 1949
1 May 1949
14 August 1949
15 January 1950
Warren Magazine
The Spirit Magazine #6/14 August 1946


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