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Although all the copyright to The Spirit belongs to Will Eisner, that was not always the case...

As Eisner reveals in his interview with Tom Heintjes for The Spirit - The Origin Years #3:

"... I agreed let (Everett) Arnold copyright it in his name rather than mine, but with the stipulation my ownership was acknowledged in the contract, and that at any time the partnership terminated, all rights to The Spirit would revert to me."

Everett "Busy" Arnold was the publisher of Quality Comics, hence the reprints of Spirit sections in Police Comics. When The Spirit series came to an end in 1952, Arnold sold the rights to Eisner for the token sum of $1000.

Arnold's main concern for owning the copyright was due to the fact that World War II was looming: Arnold feared that if Eisner had the copyright if he were drafted and perhaps even killed whilst the series took off the publisher would be forced to cancel the series! However, Arnold also took the precaution of having another, very similar character created which he firmly retained the copyright to, Midnight.

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