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This page shows some of the draft covers that Will Eisner did for some of The Spirit reprints. The finished cover appears on the left, followed by the draft image on the right.

With thanks to Eric Swainsbury for providing the draft images on this page.

Warren Spirit #10

The cover to the Warren Spirit magazine #10

A draft cover to the same issue

As can be seen above, the draft image (which was taken from the first story reprinted in the issue, "Heat" from 15 July, 1951) was not used for the final cover image which was by Eisner and Ken Kelly.

Kitchen Sink #36

The finished cover to #36

The draft cover to #36

The image above and the ones shown below are from the post war Spirit reprint series published by Kitchen Sink. As can be seen from the images above the drafts are much closer to how the finished cover appears.

Kitchen Sink #41

The final cover to The Spirit#41 The draft cover to The Spirit#41

In the example shown above, the draft cover is identical to the finished cover with the exception of the pose of the caveman which varies slightly.

Kitchen Sink #59

The cover to The Spirit#59 The draft cover of The Spirit#59

As can be seen from the example above, the draft is very close to how the finished cover appears, with just a couple of cosmetic changes.

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