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The Spirit and the dictator

In the 1965 book 'The Great Comic Book Heroes', Jules Feiffer mentions the June 22, 1941 Spirit tale:

'There was one about Hitler walking around in a Willy Lomanish middle world: subways rolling, Bronx girls chattering, street bums kicking him around. Street bums kicking him around

His purpose in coming to America: to explain himself, to be accepted as a nice guy, to be liked. Silly when you thought of it, but for eight pages, grimly convincing.'

The dictator with some typical American children

Although the dictator is not named, as you can see from the illustrations there is no doubt as to whom he is - the tale ends with the dictator seeing the error of his ways and then returning to his country to propose reforms... when he tells his associates of his plans the dictator is shot and replaced by a double.

The dictator sees the error of his ways

cat yronwode describes the tale when it was anxiously reprinted for the first time in the United States some 17 years after Jules Feiffer's comments as:

'... the most eccentric political homily ever produced in the comics form'

An infamous meeting

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