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An impressive tier from the splash page of the 1948 Halloween section

Like the Christmas sections, Eisner celebrated the Halloween season with a Spirit story. Unlike the Christmas tales, the Halloween stories did not last as long - starting in 1941, there was surprisingly a Halloween tale published in 1942 when Eisner was in the Army, and the annual stories continued in 1946 when Eisner had returned from the War, but the stories would only last until 1950: "Daughters of American Witch-Hunters", a tale scripted by Jules Feiffer which was a satire on the HUAC activities which were going on at that time.

The 1941 Halloween tale reintroduces Mr Dusk, who first appeared in June of the same year. The character only made four appearances in The Spirit - starting out in the first two stories as a psychopath before changing into a normal criminal for his final appearance in 1946.

The splash page from the 1949 Halloween story

That 1941 tale introduced Hazel P. Macbeth, who would go on to appear in all the post-War Spirit Halloween sections. Probably the best of these is the 1949 "Elect Miss Rhinemaiden of 1950" , which is an amusing variation of the Cinderella tale with Hazel transforming herself into a model who gets kidnapped...

Hazel transforms herself...

It is unfortunate that the Halloween tales did not last as long as the Christmas sections as they were usually very amusing and not as corney...

The last panel of the 1949 story

Checklist of Halloween sections

26 October 1941 - Mr Dusk

25 October 1942 - The Ghost Gang (Hallowe'en Spirit of 1942)

27 October 1946 - The Haunt

26 October 1947 - The Burning of P.S. 43

31 October 1948 - Ellen Meets Hazel

30 October 1949 - Elect Miss Rhinemaiden of 1950

22 October 1950 - Daughters of American Witch-Hunters

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