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Will Eisner obituaries & tributes

Condolences & Memories of Will Eisner

BBC News - Comic book pioneer Eisner is dead

Bob Greenberger blog - Will Eisner R.I.P.

CNN - Comic book legend Will Eisner is dead

Chicago Sun Times AP article - Artist Eisner dies, but his 'Spirit lives on'

Comics Reporter listing of Will Eisner obits

DC Comics - Will Eisner, "The Father of Graphic Novels" and namesake of the Eisner Awards, is dead at 87

Economist - Will Eisner obituary

Entertainment Weekly - Goodbye

Mark Evanier's News from ME - Will Eisner, R.I.P.

NPR - Spirit Comic Creator Will Eisner Dies

Newsarama report on Will Eisner's passing.
                 - Celebrating Will Eisner

                - Will Eisner's Living Legacy

Pulse - R.I.P. Will Eisner
         - Pros on Eisner's passing
         - Saviuk working with Eisner one last time
         - Will Eisner Lives On

Spirit & Will Eisner sites

Official Sites

Will - the official site which is now open and looks very impressive.

Denis Kitchen is Will Eisner's agent and his site now has original art from The Spirit.

Will Eisner Discussion Group - Get on the mailing list for the Will Eisner Discussion Group, which Will himself is a member of.

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The Official John Law, Detective Web Site - Gary Chaloner (see Other Resources below) is creating new adventures of this Will Eisner character! There is also a discussion board about John Law on Talk About Comics.

DC Comics also now have a mini site on The Spirit Archives. It includes a brief biography of Will Eisner, and an e-comic reprint of the post-War origin of The Spirit! 

Adventure Strips are serialising the "Stage Settings" articles and interviews with Will Eisner that Tom Heintjes did during the Kitchen Sink run of the post-War and early Spirit stories.

Bob Andelman is writing a biography on Will Eisner which will be published by Dark Horse in Spring 2005, called A Spirited Life. You can sign up for Bob's informative newsletter A Spirited Life.

Blackhawk Comics Homepage - an excellent resource on anything Blackhawk related.


Fan sites, articles and biographies

100 Greatest American Comic Book Artists of All Time has a listing for Will Eisner.

100 Greatest Comics of the 20th Century has a page on The Spirit Sections.

10 Greatest Comics Letterers has an entry for Will Eisner.

The Annotated Dreamer - Jerry Stratton has created a very comprehensive look at one of Eisner's works.

artistic interpretations of literary figures has a page by Will Eisner on Don Quixote

Beat Brothers Records has a page on The Spirit Picture Disc. On a related front, there is a page showing a Record label from box set reissue which features a Spirit panel!

Brevoort's History of Comics has a page on The Spirit Magazine #17

Bud Plant has a page looking at the career of Will Eisner.

An article from The Collecting Channel: Will Eisner: The Spirit is Strong.

Comicartville have a page giving a history of Will Eisner's early work (also see "Rare Eisner" below)

Comic Art & Graffix Artist Biographies - Will Eisner - A concise look at Will Eisner.

Comic Artists Direct has an article on Why Is Everyone Interested in Will Eisner?

Comics2Film has a page listing the latest developments on The Spirit movie.

Comics Get Serious has a page reviewing The Christmas Spirit and The Last Day in Vietnam..

Comics Grand Master Is Unrecognized - A New York Times article on Will Eisner.

The Comics Journal has an excerpt from the Will Eisner interview from issue #249.

comics research bibliography has a page on Will Eisner.

Comics Snob review of A Life Force.

The Comics History Timeline has a biography page on Will Eisner and the Eisner Awards.

The Computer UFO Network has a scan of a Spirit section after the Kenneth Arnold sighting of June 1947, plus a section from 1952.

Danny Hellman did a tribute picture of The Spirit & Will Eisner which was published in the Winter 1999 New York Press.

Denis Kitchen has a page on Will Eisner

Dragon*Con's Biography of Will Eisner.

Forward: Arts & Letters has a letter from Art Spiegelman on Comics Are to Art What Yiddish Is to Language, which of course mentions Will Eisner.

Geeks on the Streets have a page on Will Eisner's Biography.

Gene Fama has a few pages on the process involved in his art for The Spirit: The New Adventures story that appeared in issue 7.

Glass Eye Comics has a page giving a biography of Will Eisner. - have a review of A Contract With God and A Life Force.

Hard-Boiled Mysteries: American Hard-Boiled Comics - This page is on The Spirit.

International Catalogue of Superheroes has a page on The Spirit.

International Museum of Cartoon Art Gallery - The page listing for Will Eisner.

Jaap van Deijk 's Will Eisner & Spirit Page - Some excellent Spirit and Will Eisner art on this site.

Jack Cole, his life and death in comics - an interesting article on the artist at Once Upon A Dime.

There is a comprehensive biography of Jules Feiffer at Books and Writers.

Just Comics featured an article called That's The Spirit on their website.

Mars Import have a page giving a biography of Will Eisner.

Mauricio de Sousa is the creator of Brazilian comic strip "Monica's Gang" - he has a page on his meeting with Will Eisner.

A Mouse With Spirit is an interesting article looking at Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse strip with The Spirit!

Mutoworld have a biography of Will Eisner.

The National Foundation for Jewish Culture awarded Will Eisner a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002.

Newsarama has information about Jeph Loeb adapting The Spirit to the movies.

Oddball Comics has a page on Eisner's A Medal for Bowser (seeing is believing!).

Optical Cloth have a page looking at Will Eisner and A Contract with God.

PODGallery have a page of biographical information about Will Eisner.

PopImage have a review of The Spirit Archives #1

Rain Taxi Review of Books has a review of Last Day in Vietnam, Minor Miracles and The Last Knight.

Rare Eisner/Making of a Genius - an excellent and informative overview of Will Eisner's early years including lots of artwork and material never seen before. Part of the fantastic Comicartville site.

Razzing the Dictators is an article looking at the appearances of dictators in the funny books and includes Dictator's Reform.

The Most Complete Comicgraphy of Richard Corben has a page on the work he did for The Spirit magazine.

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle - A good site devoted to another character which Eisner co-created.

Sockless and Stalwart: Eisner's Spirit - a look at The Spirit: New Adventures and the classic sections from Quarterbin. has a review of Comics & Sequential Art.

A Spirit Mystery - The column "Huh?" on the Comics Rack pages looks at they mystery of some of the uncredited artists on The Spirit series.

The Spirit - A page on The Spirit, some nice illustrations here.

The Spirit - A collection of Warren Spirit covers on this Italian page..

The Spirit -- A Visionary Comics Character - a page on the early days of the character from the Once Upon A Dime site.

The Spirit Archives #1 review - from Baryon Online Magazine

Thumbnail: Will Eisner - a page on Will Eisner at Ninth Art.

Don Markstein's Toonopedia page on The Spirit.There is also a page on Lady Luck.

The University of Florida Department of English has a page on Will Eisner, relating to the Conference on Comics & Graphics Novels 2002.

Weird, Wonder(ous) World of Victor Fox's Fantastic Mystery Men is a great article on the Comicartville site, originally published in Comic Book Marketplace #107. This looks at the publishing empire of Victor Fox.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, have a page on Will Eisner.

Will Eisner's hp - A page looking at some of Will's major comics works, part of the Comic Book Homepage.

Will Eisner: Moved By The Spirit - an essay by Michael Barrier on Will Eisner & The Spirit

Interviews with Will Eisner

These are arranged alphabetically by name of site:

The Grand Daddy of the Graphic Novel - A Talk with Will Eisner - an interview and review with the American Bookseller's Association.

BadAzz MoFo has an interview called If The Spirit Moves You.

The Caroline and Erwin Swann Foundation for Caricature and Cartoon has Will Eisner on the Graphic Novel (this requires RealPlayer to view).

Comic Book Artist interview with Will Eisner about his work with Warren magazines. Includes lots of other fascinating snippets of information as well!

Dark Horse Comics - An interview with Will Eisner about Last Day in Vietnam and Will Eisner's Shop Talk.

Grayhaven Magazine has an interview with Will Eisner about his current projects.

Hogan's Alley have an interview with Will Eisner conducted by Tom Heintjes.

Hype This has Will Eisner: The Enduring Spirit of Comics An Interview Conducted by Bill Baker (originally published in Comic Book Marketplace), they also have a great interview called Spirited Allies: Denis Kitchen on Representing Will Eisner.

Jack Kirby Collector: Will Eisner Discusses Jack Kirby - An interview about Jack's days with the Eisner-Iger studio.

The King of Comic Books is an interview with Will Eisner by The Jewish Week.

Mark Evanier's site reprints two of his POV columns on Blackhawk with Eisner and Chuck Cudiera. The first part is here, the second here.

The Amazing Adventures of Will EIsner - an interview with the Miami Herald.

Never Too Late - TIME.comix talks with industry legend Will Eisner

Onion AV Club Will Eisner Interview an interview about Will's latest work and The Spirit Archives.

The Pop Art Times :The Spirit Commands You - An interview about Will's work as a teacher.

Red Dwarf's Mr Flibble talks to Will Eisner, also asking about his start in the industry.

Richmond Comix interview with Will Eisner from May 1998.

Riverdale Review published an interview/overview called Bronx comic-book creator reflects upon his accomplishments in 2001.

Seriejournalen : Images are Words an interview from May 1996.

SilverBullet Comics feature a Memorial Day interview with Will Eisner, as well as Paper Golems The Portrait of a Sequential Artist: Will Eisner.

Slushfactory has an interview with Will EIsner as part of their Memorial Day 2002. They also did an interview with him after 9/11

Never Too Late - Time.comix talks with industry legend Will Eisner

Tripwire issue 8 featured an interview with Will Eisner.

The Washington Post has an interview with Will Eisner called Every Picture Tells a Story, which is about Eisner's new graphic novel, The Plot.

Will Eisner: The Great Innovator - an interview from the Gutterwallowing site originally.


Material by Will Eisner

AC Comics Golden Age reprints - Affordable reprints of 30s & 40s comics.

Comics on CD-ROM - This site has for sale Golden Age comics on CD-ROM, including Uncle Sam.

Dark Horse Comics - publishers of Will Eisner's graphic novel, Last Day in Vietnam, as well as Will Eisner's Shop Talk. For more information, click here.

DC Comics - Most of the Quality Comics characters were taken over by DC Comics - DC have released an excellent collection of Jack Cole's "Plastic Man" stories. With DC publishing The Spirit Archives and having re-released all of the Will Eisner Library series from Kitchen Sink, DC are the main publisher for Will Eisner classic works. To view a list of the titles DC currently have by Will Eisner, click here.

Ken Pierce Books - Publisher of The Spirit Dailies (as well as a host of other classic newspaper strips), many items available to order from here.

Microcolour International - This site has for sale microfiche copies of Golden and Silver Age comics, including Police Comics, Plastic Man and many more.

Modern Tales are currently publishing online new stories of John Law by Will Eisner and Gary Chaloner.

NBM Publishing - NBM are publishers of Will Eisner's adaptations of fairy tales and other literary works. So far published are: The Princess and The Frog by Will Eisner, for more information, click here; an introduction to Don Quixote called The Last Knight; and Moby Dick, a preview of which can be found here.

Random House have a page on Will Eisner's Fagin the Jew.


Other recommended publishers and publications relating to classic comic books and comic strips

Comic Book Marketplace - The website to the excellent monthly magazine published by Gemstone.

Hogan's Alley - An excellent magazine which concentrates on syndicated comic strips. Issue # 8 has an interview with Will Eisner on the state of the comics industry and its future.

Pacific Comics Club - The publishers of collected editions of The Phantom and Mandrake, among others.

Other Resources

Bob Powell's Mr Mystic - a page looking at this character who appeared in the Comic Book Section with The Spirit.

The Chaloner Studio - Gary Chaloner's page, which presents some of his excellent artwork, including the unpublished tale for The Spirit: The New Adventures #9.

Cinemarquee Superheroes page - A very comprehensive list of comic related links.

the cliff page - This interesting site has sketches by artists which have a cliff or cliffs in them! For Eisner's sketch, click here.

Comics Fun - Some great links and interesting essays on comics on this site.

The Golden Age of Superheroes - A site on the superheroes of World War II, concentrating on Timely/Marvel's range of characters presently.

The Golden, Silver & Bronze Age Message Board is a useful place for questions about the history of American comic books.

Mikel's Golden Age Comics Directory - This has links to many other Golden & Silver Age comics sites as well as a comprehensive bibliography. The author also has several other excellent Golden Age comics sites.

Official R.C. Harvey Homepage - This is the site for R.C. Harvey, which includes his column "Rants & Raves" as well as being able to get autographed copies of his books.

Will Eisner Comic Industry Award Winners Summary - A site listing winners of the comics awards, part of Aardy's Comics Page.

Yahoo Golden Age comics club - where many online fans of Golden Age comics send messages and has an extensive collection of links to other sites.

Yahoo clubs - The Quality Comics Corner - a club dedicated to the characters and creators of Quality Comics.


Cover scans

Fox 1939-1942 Comic Covers - a collection of Golden Age covers from the Victor Fox publisher.

Good Girl Art Fiction House! - A few  Jungle and Fight Comics covers available here, many of which feature Sheena.

The Quality Comics Cover Gallery - a collection of covers from the publishers of The Spirit comic book.


Reprints of Golden Age material

Golden Age Greats - Some obscure Golden heroes have their adventures reprinted here.

Greats of the Golden Age - website reprinting golden age stories on a monthly basis.


The following are to more general sites on comics:


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