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Will Eisner obituaries & tributes
Universo HQ - listing of Eisner obituaries/tributes in Brazil and other countries - Morre o cartunista Will Eisner, criador de "Spirit"

Divirta-se - Morre Will Eisner, mestre dos quadrinhos americanos

MundoHQ - Adeus, Will Spirit Eisner

Le Web de l'Humanite - Will Eisner, écrivain graphique

Germany - Zum Tode des amerikanischen Comiczeichners Will Eisner

ZZ Online - Zum Tod des amerikanischen Comic-Autors Will Eisner

SIC Online - Morreu Will Eisner

Spirit & Will Eisner sites

Fan sites, articles and biographies


"The Spirit" sigue en la cima - page looking at the influence of cinema on The Spirit


Bric-A-Brac - have several pages on The Spirit.

Do Gibi Para Tela have a page on The Spirit, and a page on The Spirit tv movie.

Livraria Exotica have a page on Will Eisner, concentrating on the Name of the Game graphics novel.

Mauricio de Sousa is the creator of Brazilian comic strip "Monica's Gang" - he has a page on his meeting with Will Eisner (which is in English).

Spirit em quatro novas versões  - a page looking at The Spirit: The New Adventures.

O Livro do Criador do Spirit - a biography of Will Eisner.

Will Eisner's hp - from The Cult It!

Czech Republic

inZine - Comics has a page on The Spirit.


The Comics Museum in Denmark has a biography page on Will Eisner.


The Spirit - A page on The Spirit, some nice illustrations here.


BDoubliees has a page listing The Spirit sections published in France.

Ecrit ed dessine have a page on The Spirit.

Pétrir l’esprit et la matière

Rhizom has a page on Will Eisner.

A page listing all Spirit book collections published in France.

Will Eisner overview and interview.


The Comic Radio Show has a page on Will Eisner: The Spirit of Comics

Perlentaucher has a page on The Spirit and Will Eisner.

Top 100 Comics International List has a page on The Spirit.


Will Eisner - a biography from the site.

Italy have a page on Will Eisner. has a profile of Will Eisner, and a page called Piccoli Miracoli (Minor Miracles).

La "fase matura" di Will Eisner: due esempi - a page looking at Will Eisner's works published in Italy. There is also a page on the same site reviewing The Spirit: The New Adventures series.

The Lucca Comics & Games festival have a page on Will Eisner and his work.

Sedicinews has a page called Il "ritorno" di uno spirito libero

Spirit di Will Eisner - fumetti (images) from The Spirit series

The Spirit - A collection of Warren Spirit covers on this Italian page.

Ultrazine present a four page homage to The Spirit.

Una striscia degna di Orson Welles - page from Kata Web - Libri & Altro on the similarities of Orson Welles and Will Eisner's work.

Norway has a page on The Last Day in Vietnam.

Portugal has a page on The Spirit.


Morten Harper has a page on Will Eisner and The Spirit.


L'esperit del còmic - the first of 3 pages on Will Eisner and The Spirit.

Maestrosdelcomic is a Spanish site which has pages on both Will Eisner and The Spirit.

Medios Independientes has a page on The Spirit.

The Spirit de Will Eisner

Tebeosfera has a review of Minor Miracles.

Interviews with Will Eisner

These are arranged alphabetically by name of site:


O Spirit que anda - an interview with Will Eisner.

Universo HQ have an interview from III Festival Internacional de Humor e Quadrinhos de Pernambuco.


Seriejournalen : Images are Words an interview from May 1996.


Le Journal Permanent du Nouvel Observateur has an interview with Will Eisner from February 2002.

PLG 1995 interview.


Quadrinhos Universo HQ has an interview with Will Eisner.

The Third Nipple has an interview conducted by Sergio Miranda in 1994.


Fin Fan Zine is a web based comic fanzine which has A Conversation with Will Eisner that is in English (from July 1998)

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