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What is the name of the mob boss believed killed in the 2 October 1949 section? (Answer at bottom of the page)

From time to time Will Eisner would base Spirit stories on topical events - the sections dated 14 and 21 May 1950 are an example of this, which are based on the infamous million dollar Brinks robbers which had recently occurred.

The Robbery shows what happened to one of the four robbers who took two million dollars from the Links Safety Deposit Company. Thumbs finds himself in Wildwood Cemetery having evaded the police, when...

Sammy stumbles across Thumbs in Wildwood Cemetery

As The Spirit is journeying from India to Cairo, Sammy offers Thumbs lodgings in The Spirit's HQ! Quite how Thumbs does not come across anything to tell him that he is in The Spirit's headquarters is surprising!

The following day, Sammy tells Thumbs that it looks as if the police have a lead. Preparing to sneak out with his share of the money, Thumbs is caught red handed by Sammy! Taking Sammy with him at gunpoint, Thumbs boards the local ferry with Sammy - managing to break free, Sammy tries to alert the passengers...

It seems that nobody believes Sammy...

Fortunately, the man in the background in the third panel above DOES believe Sammy, for it is Commissioner Dolan, who arrests Thumbs when the passengers leave.

The following weeks' section reveals that only one of the four robbers remains at large: Big Arky. As Arky remembers how the robbery was planned, and his plan to use a specially built hollow wheelchair to take him and his share of the loot out of the country. Disguising himself as a cripple, Arky and his wife, Mona, travel to Cairo and of course bump into The Spirit!

Mona tries for the next few days to ascertain whether The Spirit is after them, but is growing dispondent at not being able to spend any of Arky's money in the wheelchair. Before preparing to visit The Spirit again, Mona makes some coffee for her husband, which he drinks and then promptly falls asleep... Waking up, Arky finds his wife having tied him to the wheelchair whilst she tries to get to the money. Loosing his temper, Arky manages to partially free himself of his bonds and kills Mona in a fit of rage. Still partially tied to the wheelchair, Arky flees the hotel...

Big Arky finds himself on the railway line...

As we see dollar bills fly past the train's windows, we see The Spirit on one of the carriages reading a cable from Dolan informing him of the robbery and that Arky is suspected of being in Cairo...

"I think I probably threw a curve at the audience," Eisner tells Tom Heintjes about this section. "When I reintroduced The Spirit, the audience probably expected a big showdown, but this could have just as easily been a story without The Spirit."

The Robbery would later be refried in the 6 April 1952 section - although this time Willum takes the place of Sammy.

A scene from the refried section

Dolan is also replaced in this refry by The Spirit - both changes in this refry (presumably by Jules Feiffer) make sense and allow for a better flow.

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