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The impressive splash page to 'Ellen Dolan for Mayor' which Eisner praises below

"I remember being very pleased with the way this splash page came off, and looking at it again almost 40 years later, I think it holds up well," Eisner tells Tom Heintjes in a 1989 interview. "This was my kind of splash page, where it gives a real sense of motion while functioning as a sort of prologue, all without any dialogue. It's like a pantomime. And I was always fond of working the logo in like this too. A page like this brings the reader quickly into the story."

The Spirit returns to find Eustace watching his daughter on television

After an appearance on the Leave it to the Ladies television show in which Ellen states that:

"Most men practice equality like a little boy practicing on the piano, one hour a day and then forget all about it!"

Her statement soon gets her other television appearances and shortly Ellen was put forward as a candidate for Mayor.

Running against Ellen is Mike Poltax and the Prosperity Party - Ellen's campaign is in full swing by the time The Spirit can find her:

The Spirit tries to talk Ellen out of the candidacy, and then decides to help the rival party!

The day before the election The Spirit meets up with Poltax when they overhear that Ellen has gone missing... Poltax reveals that he has kidnapped her (you would have thought that Commissioner Dolan would have learnt from last year when he and The Spirit were kidnapped when The Spirit was proposed as a candidate!) - before The Spirit can react he is knocked out by one of Poltax's men.

Reviving in an apartment, The Spirit is shot by a henchman but manages to call Commissioner Dolan and tells him of the location of his daughter.

Awakening the next day in hospital, The Spirit receives a visit from Ellen, who is now Mayor!

"I was trying to build Ellen Dolan up into more of a substantial character. Up until this time she had been a sort of walk-on character." Eisner reveals.

Unfortunately, although Ellen is now Mayor, her role in the series continued very much along the same lines as before, with the exception of the 13 April 1952 section, which is a retelling of Ellen Dolan for Mayor!

What is unusual about this retelling is that The Spirit seems to remember events differently...

The Spirit seems to remember things differently...

... until Ellen reminds him...

Ellen sets him straight

By this time Eisner was concentrating on P*S Magazine, and Jules Feiffer was writing The Spirit with Eisner's American Visual shop handling the artwork. In just over six months The Spirit was discontinued and presumably Ellen was out of the job as Mayor.

When the New York Herald Tribune ran a new Spirit strip on 9 January 1966 it was set in New York and told of Hobart Naught and his attempts to wipe out John Lindsay before the local election. Surprisingly, Naught's secretary is none other than former Central City Mayor, Ellen Dolan, who travels back to Wildwood Cemetery to enlist The Spirit's help.

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