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This tale appeared as the 1 June 1941 section, marking the first year of the series. It is also noteworthy for the fact that the tale is told entirely in rhyme!

The splash page to 'Killer McNobby'

McNobby is shown near the start of the tale trying to hold up a store, when he is attacked by the assistant he fires a gun and kills him, which McNobby finds very convenient! For each day after that McNobby robs and kills his victims so as not to leave any witnesses! After a couple of weeks of these crimes...

The Spirit leaves Wildwood Cemetery to find McNobby

Searching the city for McNobby, The Spirit eventually finds him waiting at Kelly's Yard and vows to take him in...

McNobby pulls a gun on The Spirit...

Fighting all night, by morning the police arrive and find McNobby slumped on the ground whilst The Spirit is still standing... McNobby readily confesses his crimes to the police.

The Spirit returns home...

This is a standard story which is turned into something a little bit different by Eisner's inventive use of rhyme - It shows Will Eisner's willingness to try experimentation within the series, something for which The Spirit sections would later be known for.

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