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This page contains links on this site which do not necessarily fit in anywhere else!

Action Figure & Statues 

A look at these recent  Spirit collectibles that have appeared over the past couple of years from DC Direct, Dark Horse and Graphitti Designs.

Army Tales

This features the characters of Joe Dope, Private Dogtag among others.

Baseball Comics

The main character in this series is Rube Rooky.

British Reprints

A look at the reprints of the series published in Great Britain.

Casebook of True Haunted Houses and Ghosts

In 1976, Will Eisner released a new book which featured The Spirit as a host to true accounts of ghosts and hauntings. Featuring new Eisner art on each page, it is one of the forgotten new appearances of The Spirit.


A look at the 1995 The Spirit disc.


A page on the Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association issue featuring The Spirit in 1990.

Comic Book Greats

Stan Lee interviews Will Eisner? It happened in 1992 in this video series, this page has the details including pictures from the tape.


Not only a listing of copyright sources used on this site, but also contains information on who owned the copyright to The Spirit when it was first published (it was not Eisner!).


For a brief time The Spirit also had a daily continuity. Learn more about it here.

John Law

This was a character created by Will Eisner back in the 1950s but was not published until the 1980s - but some of the plots used for this series would turn up in The Spirit.


A look at this unusual Spirit collectible.


Your chance to email your comments and questions!


Not only contains information about The Spirit appearing in other media (radio, television), but also has some downloads for you!


A review and plot summary of the 1987 Spirit television movie.


A look at the various publishers of the weekly Spirit section in the USA.

The Spirit Coloring Book

A look at this oversized softback collection published in 1974.

Spirit Hangman

Play this online game which has names of The Spirit's friends and foes. Uses JavaScript.

The Sprite

In 1974, New Paltz Comix published this parody of The Spirit Thanks to Mikel Midnight for assistance with this page.

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