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Gabriel Macht as The Spirit A look at the preproduction work for the new Spirit movie

Teaser poster for the movie


The character had been optioned for a movie for many years (and a tv movie did appear in 1987 with Sam Jones in the title role). Since the early 1990s the rights were held by Michael Uslan (the producer behind the Batman movies) but despite some failed pitches the title lay dormant...  until 2005, after the release of Sin City (based on Frank Miller's work)  where Miller was approached and accepted the job as writer and director. Frank Miller had been interviewed and conducted interviews with Will Eisner in 2002 (which were later published in the book Eisner/Miller ), so was well aware and had a deep respect for Eisner's work in the medium.

It would not be until 2007 when Frank Miller was able to start work on the Spirit movie - it would use the same digital technology used in the Sin City film for evocative backgrounds. Gabriel Macht plays the lead, although the biggest 'name' for the movie is Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus.

One of the posters for the movie

The movie has been released in the USA on Christmas Day, 2008, and will follow in other markets on 1 January, 2009.

So far, reviews of the movie have generally been unfavorable. However, this writer is hoping to see the movie within it's opening week, so this page will be updated with a synopsis once I have seen it. I must confess a trepidation towards seeing it as I am personally not a big fan of Frank Miller's previous movie projects, but I hope the movie does try and stay true to the character - we shall see.

A recommended book on the making of the movie is Mark Cotta Vaz's The Spirit: The Movie Visual Companion .

Dark Horse are intending to publish Frank Miller: The Spirit Storyboards in May 2009 to tie in with the dvd release of the movie.

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