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Along with The Spirit and Lady Luck, the weekly Comic Book Section also featured the adventures of Mr. Mystic for the first few years.

Although created by Will Eisner, the character of Mr. Mystic was written and drawn by Bob Powell, who also assisted Eisner in backgrounds for The Spirit main feature in the early days and who also worked on Sheena for Jumbo Comics.

Top panel from an early Mr Mystic story

Trained in Tibet by the Seven Lamas, 'Ken' (surname never revealed) travels back to the USA endowed with magical powers to fight the forces of evil. With the ability to transform himself into animals and to grow to giant or minute sizes among just some of his powers, this strip differed from both Lady Luck and The Spirit in that this was a hero who had superpowers!

The 5 page strip allowed Powell's natural artistic talents to draw animals and aviation. Soon Mr. Mystic would acquire a dog which was based on Powell's own cocker spaniel. Powell's love of aircraft was so strong that in 1943 he enlisted in the Army Air Corps.

With the 10 October 1943 section, Fred Guardineer took over the strip. No stranger to drawing magical superheroes, Guardineer had already worked on National's Zatara and also worked on Merlin for Quality Comics. Guardineer stayed on Mr. Mystic until it's cancellation on 14 May 1944.

In 1990, Eclipse Comics reprinted the first five strips from the series in a one-off collection.

Mr Mystic

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