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A look at these Spirit collectibles.


A page of banners and buttons to link to this site.


A list of books either featuring The Spirit or by Will Eisner that you can order online!

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A look at the reprints of the series published in Great Britain.


A look at the 1995 The Spirit disc.


A page on the Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association issue featuring The Spirit in 1990.


Not only a listing of copyright sources used on this site, but also contains information on who owned the copyright to The Spirit when it was first published (it was not Eisner!).

Cover Drafts

Presenting three Will Eisner cover drafts along with the finished covers!

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Over 100 covers are available to download!


A list of all related downloads related to this site, including screensavers, desktop themes and more!


Contains links to other english language Eisner, Spirit and comics related sites.

There is also a links page to non-english language Will Eisner and Spirit sites.


A look at this unusual Spirit collectible.


Your chance to email your comments and questions!


Not only contains information about The Spirit appearing in other media (radio, television), but also has some downloads for you!

Price Guide

A list of current prices for The Spirit


Screensavers featuring The Spirit available for you to download to your PC!

Spirit Checklist

A look all appearances of The Spirit: Sections 1 - 290; Sections 291 - 447; Sections 448 - 645; Post 1952 Appearances.


A complete listing of all the updates made to this site since it started.


Some images featuring The Spirit available for you to download.

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Trivia Answer: P'Gell first appeared in the story "Meet P'Gell", published on 6 October, 1946 (for more information on P'Gell, click here)