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What was the name of the witch who appeared in every Halloween section ? (Answer at bottom of the page)

The following screensavers have been created using Guildsoft's Screen Saver Studio. The best resolution to use these is 800x600. These screensavers will work on all Windows 3.1, 95 and 98 systems, and will install a basic soundplayer if your system does not have one already as most of the screensavers have their own MIDI.

All of the files have been compressed, so you will need a utility like Winzip to decompress the executable file and then run it (the file will install all relevant pictures & sounds and make it the default screensaver).

Please note that these screensavers can be downloaded directly here or from the Downloads page.

1948 Christmas Spirit - This is a screensaver showing the 1948 Christmas Spirit story.Either with sound or without

These two zipped files are each around 480K in size, and will take approx 875388 bytes when installed

Spirit art#1 - A series of 4 illustrations from the KSP magazine covers. Either with sound or without

The zipped file with sound is 305KB to download, and will take up 575601 bytes when installed.The zipped file without sound is 284KB to download, and will take approx 507392 bytes when installed

The following files were originally on Douglas Nasluchacz's Wildwood Cemetery site

Thumbnail Will Eisner's Spirit Photo Album - A collection of images showing the characters from the series. Zipped file is 819200 bytes

Image Covers from The Spirit: The New Adventures.

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Trivia Answer: Hazel P. Macbeth.(For more information, click here)