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The Spirit getting beat up by The Octopus for the first time in this story

Although The Octopus had faced The Spirit many times throughout the run of the feature - it is probably the six part "Showdown with The Octopus" series which appeared in 1947 that most fans remember the character for.

The Octopus

The story starts with The Spirit getting a beating from The Octopus to try and uncover some information about a stolen bankroll which had been hidden by 'Spider Webb', who died in The Spirit's arms. With The Spirit missing from Central City (having been taken by The Octopus for further interrogation), Commissioner Dolan assigns young officer Sam Klink to find him and the payroll.

Finding The Spirit along with Crusher, The Octopus' right hand man who is put into prison, Klink congratulates himself! The Spirit goes off on a picnic (!) and stumbles across the payroll.

The Octopus deals with Crusher

Releasing the false information to the press that Crusher has escaped jail, The Octopus tracks him down, only to find The Spirit as well! Killing Crusher (who had seen the face of The Octopus), a major fight ensues in which The Octopus first nicks The Spirit's left hand with a gun shot, and then his face! The gun flash so close to his face causes The Spirit to temporarily lose his vision, but he still fights on.

The Spirit gets beat up again by The Octopus

With the police rapidly closing in on the two, The Octopus releases a grenade which seemingly kills him instantly as a body is found, but it also blinds The Spirit.

The Octopus throws the grenade...

Receiving medical attention, The Spirit is captured by Mr Carrion who has found a new miracle cure called Fluid X - during a fight with the villain on a ship there is an explosion, which along with the Fluid X causes The Spirit's vision to return.

The Spirit's vision returns...

As for The Octopus, he would reappear alive and well several months later in the story "Umbrella Handles".

The Octopus still alive?

This story influenced the comics creator Frank Miller, who went on at great lengths about the story in an interview for The Comics Journal.


10 August 1947 - "Sign of The Octopus" aka "Klink Versus The Octopus"

17 August 1947 - "Picnic"

24 August 1947 - "Showdown with The Octopus"

31 August 1947 - "Blind"

7 September 1947 - "A Killer at Large"

14 September 1947 - "Into the Light"

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