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As well as this page of internal links, there are two pages of external links.

The first page lists all external links to other english language Will Eisner and The Spirit sites.

The second page lists all external links to non-english language Will Eisner and The Spirit sites.

A Brief History of The Spirit

A concise overview of The Spirit sections published between 1940 and 1952.

Action Figure & Statue

A look at these Spirit collectibles.

Army Tales

This features the characters of Joe Dope, Private Dogtag among others and tells of their appearances in army magazines which Eisner worked on.

Autumn Mews

A look at one of the femme fatales who appeared in the series.


A page of banners and buttons to link to this site


A look at one of the acclaimed single short stories with The Spirit.

Baseball Comics

The main character in this series is Rube Rooky, and this series also presented true life stories of baseball matches.


A look at the two 'meetings' the Batman had with The Spirit in 1989.

Blue Mask and Bette Davis Eyes - The Women of The Spirit

An article by Mikel Midnight, originally published on the Sequential Tart site looking at the women in The Spirit's life.


A list of books either featuring The Spirit or by Will Eisner that you can order online!

British Reprints

A look at the reprints of the series published in Great Britain.

Casebook of True Haunted Houses and Ghosts

In 1976, Will Eisner released a new book which featured The Spirit as a host to true accounts of ghosts and hauntings. Featuring new Eisner art on each page, it is one of the forgotten new appearances of The Spirit.


A look at the 1995 The Spirit disc.


A look at the meeting between the aardvark and The Spirit.


A page on the Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association issue featuring The Spirit in 1990.


The main supporting characters of The Spirit are listed here.


Eisner always did a special section on the season around the time of December 25th. This page lists all of the seasonal tales.

Comic Book Greats

Stan Lee interviews Will Eisner? It happened in 1992 in this video series, this page has the details including pictures from the tape.


Not only a listing of copyright sources used on this site, but also contains information on who owned the copyright to The Spirit when it was first published (it was not Eisner!).

Cover Drafts

Presenting three Will Eisner cover drafts along with the finished covers!

Cover Scans

Over 100 covers are available to download!


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Two pages which feature a biography of Will Eisner, and one which features some of the other creators who have been involved with the series.

Crime Convention

In 1973, Kitchen Sink presented the first of the Underground Spirit's. This page looks at the four new stories that Eisner created for the issue.

A Crime Primer - M-U-R-D-E-R

A look at this war time Spirit story told in alliteration


For a brief time The Spirit also had a daily continuity. Learn more about it here.

There is also a page showing The Spirit Daily Previews.

Dictator's Reform

Hitler in The Spirit? This page gives the details.


A list of all related downloads related to this site, including screensavers, desktop themes and more!

Dr Schyzoid

The Spirit, being psychoanalyzed?

Ev'ry Little Bug

If you lived in Central City this seemed to be the only tune that any character would sing over the course of the series. Find out more about how this song developed.

Gerhard Shnobble

This character only made an appearance in one story of The Spirit, but find out why this is one of Will Eisner's favourites.

Grimm Fairy Tales

A look at The Spirit's Favorite Fairy Tales for Juvenile Delinquents.

Guide to Clean Living

By the end of 1951, Eisner's involvement with The Spirit was minimal, but the series still presented some interesting stories...


Like the Christmas sections, Eisner also always did a Halloween tale throughout the run of the series. Click here to find out more.


A look at this tale intended for a future issue of The Spirit: The New Adventures by Peter Hogan and Charlie Adlard.


In a forgotten story featuring The Spirit from the 1970s, learn who the mysterious Mr Nimbus is, and why he is in the city.

Jewel of Gizeh

An epic storyline which took several weeks to tell - with Carrion, and Sand Serif!

John Law

This was a character created by Will Eisner back in the 1950s but was not published until the 1980s - but some of the plots used for this series would turn up in The Spirit.

Killer McNobby

A look at the only Spirit story told entirely in rhyme!

Lady Luck

A look at this character who appeared as one of the additional strips in the Comic Book Section.

Life Story of the Octopus

Do you know the origin of The Octopus? This page reprints the 1967 Harvey story.

Links Robbery

This two part story was loosely based on the Brinks Robbery.


A look at this unusual Spirit collectible.


Your chance to email your comments and questions!

Mayor of Central City Page 1 + Page 2

A look at the characters who have been candidates or become Mayor of The Spirit's home.


Not only contains information about The Spirit appearing in other media (radio, television), but also has some downloads for you!


A hero in a domino mask and blue business suit protecting his city - it has to be The Spirit? No, it could also be Midnight. Find out more about this character by clicking on this page.


A review and plot summary of the 1987 Spirit television movie.

Mr. Mystic

A look at the other character who appeared as one of the additional strips in the first few years of the Comic Book Section.

New Adventures

Although The Spirit sections ended in 1952, the character continued to appear in new stories for the next four decades.

New Year

A look at Eisner's celebration of the previous years' worth of tales, as well as stories involving the celebration which appeared.

New York Herald Tribune Spirit Section

On January 9, 1966, the first new Spirit section was published in almost 14 years. Until recently that story has never been reprinted. Now you can see what this rare section was about and why it is one of the most unique Spirit sections published.


The story of the ape that thinks like a man! This pre-war Spirit story is described by Eisner as explosive for it's time!

Outer Space

Will Eisner! Jules Feiffer! Wally Wood! The Spirit on the moon!

Policeman Spirit

What was The Spirit's relationship with the police? This page looks at the time The Spirit was made a special deputy.

Price Guide

A list of current prices for The Spirit


A brief look at the comic book publishers of the weekly Spirit section in the USA.


Screensavers featuring The Spirit available for you to download to your PC!

Secret Origins

Do you know the origin of The Spirit? What about The Octopus? Click here to find out.

Showdown with The Octopus

A look at the epic battle between The Spirit and The Octopus which influenced Frank Miller when he was working on Daredevil!

South Seas Page 1 + Page 2

This page tells of when The Spirit left Central City to journey to the South Seas.

Spirit Checklist

A look all appearances of The Spirit: Sections 1 - 290; Sections 291 - 447; Sections 448 - 645; Post 1952 Appearances.

The Spirit Coloring Book

A look at this oversized softback collection published in 1974.

The Spirit Gets Older

A look at the tales in which we meet The Spirit of the far flung year of 1970, and a series of tales in 1951 in which he considered retiring!.

Spirit Hangman

Play this online game which has names of The Spirit's friends and foes. Uses JavaScript.

The Spirit: The New Adventures

A review of this series which featured brand new tales of The Spirit by some of today's great comic book creators.


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The Sprite

In 1974, New Paltz Comix published this parody of The Spirit Thanks to Mikel Midnight for assistance with this page.


The Spirit has faced many villains and survived them all - but can he survive an investigation by tax officers into his accounts?

Ten Minutes

A look at the most reprinted The Spirit story.


A complete listing of all the updates made to this site since it started.

Vampirella Page 1 + Page 2

Just over twenty years ago, Vampirella went in search of a killer at Wildwood Cemetery, someone believed to have been killed there many years ago and who has now returned to life... Denny Colt! Article by Mikel Midnight.


Some images featuring The Spirit available for you to download.


A look at some of the characters who have appeared over the years that bear a striking resemblence to Denny Colt's alter ego.


A look at this multi part story in which The Spirit is involved in a gun fight and a showdown!

Wonder Man

Before Eisner created The Spirit, he created or co-created many other notable comic book characters - learn the infamous story of Wonder Man, and why it cost Eisner $3,000! Article by Mikel Midnight.

The Wraith

A look at Michael T. Gilbert's character which was inspired by The Spirit

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