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What is the name of Dr Fredrich Hoyd's daughter who becomes altered into an ape-woman? (Answer at bottom of the page)
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The following weeks' section, called The Ball Game, takes place on the Isle of Monatu, and introduces us to Sammy - a character whom Eisner was looking to replace Ebony.

The splash page to 'The Ball Game'

"Ebony was becoming more and more difficult to deal with," Eisner relates to interviewer Tom Heintjes. "I couldn't let him grow up, because his character was that of a young boy, and yet I couldn't let him remain the way he was, because that wouldn't be true to his personality. So I decided to bring in a bunch of other small assistants who were similar to Ebony. Sammy was one of these. He was an interesting character, and most important, he provided new material for me."

The story tells of how Governor Baptiste enlists the aid of The Spirit to coach his baseball team - polictical rival (and villain) Baby Manuelo has called a game just before the elections and has declared that he will win the game just as he will win the election. Why this should be the case is unknown - I think we must take this as poetic license on Eisner's part! Manuelo is confident that he will win because of his new baseball manager, Sammy, who apparently managed a major baseball team in the States - however, when Manuelo sees that Sammy was in fact the team mascot rather than the coach, he shoots the person who hired Sammy and tells him that he will be next if he does not ensure that they win. After talking with The Spirit, and seeing how Baby Manuelo operates, Sammy sabotages Manuelo's team. Fortunately, The Spirit comes to Sammy's aid when Manuelo's men surround him. After the elections, which Baptiste does win, Sammy leaves the isle with The Spirit.

The splash page of Matua is visually impressive:

The splash page to Matua

This section tells the tale of Tan-Gau, the son of the islands witch doctor who has returned after many years to stop the monster of Matua (in this case a volcano) returning to life.

The final in the South Seas series, is called, naturally enough:

The splash page to 'The Return'

The Spirit arrives back in Central City with Sammy late one night to find that things in the city have changed:

Wildwood Cemetery closed to make way for a new highway

Mayor Bowser has resigned as well, and Commissioner Dolan, Ellen and Ebony are all missing. To add to the mystery all of the police officers that The Spirit knew have gone!

Managing to find Klink, The Spirit and Sammy are told that "Split" Lipton has kidnapped the Dolans and Ebony, fired the police and replaced them with his own men! Fortunately Klink has been able to get word to the governor and it is announced on the radio that a probe of the recent changes in Central City will proceed. Lipton goes to the captive Dolans (who are tied up with Ebony in a false partition of Dolan's office!) to persuade Eustace to sign a paper stating that the staff were reorganized with his blessing - if he does not sign his daughter and Ebony will get hurt. Fortunately The Spirit and Sammy find the group in time and 'normality' in Central City is assured.

Sammy with the familiar Spirit cast

With this story, Eisner ends the South Seas series, but he leaves some plot threads: Central City still needs a new mayor...


10 July 1949 - Lilly Lotus

17 July 1949 - Sally of the Islands

24 July 1949 - The Masked Man

31 July 1949 - The Ball Game

7 August 1949 - Matua

14 August 1949 - The Return

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