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In association with Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, and Barnes & Noble, it is possible to order the following Spirit/Will Eisner/items. If you have never picked up a comic before, or are unaware of The Spirit, I have marked titles which I think are good examples to start with by putting a Recommended symbol by it. The US flag will bring up the details and price; the UK flag the details and price; the French flag the Amazon France details and price; the German flag Amazon Germany details and price. Only Will Eisner items are currently covered for Amazon France and Amazon Germany. If you see a title which has no flag, then it is available from Barnes & Noble.

Where there are other Spirit/Will Eisner books available in languages other than english, these will follow on the pages after the english language books. You can order from Amazon France and Germany in exactly the same way as you would order from Amazon USA or Amazon UK. If you are unsure do not forget you can always use a site like BabelFish to translate the page into english.

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DC Direct: Will Eisner's Spirit Statue

The Spirit Statue stands 12 inches tall and comes fully painted with a certificate of authenticity. Limited to a production run of 1000 pieces

Spirit Lunchbox - available from Amazon!

Spirit Trading Cards - available from Amazon, originally published in 1995 by Kitchen Sink, this is a collection of 36 cards.

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