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Although many aspiring artists and writers had paid homage to The Spirit during the years, it would not be until 1974 that Brian Buniak would produce a direct parody of the character. The publication of The Sprite in the pages of New Paltz Comix#2: Amazing Adult Fantasies, released by the Moods Publishing Empire, featured this strip by the future creator of Thunderbunny. The issue was edited by Michael T. Gilbert, who would later go on to write and draw The Wraith, his own tribute to Eisner's work on The Spirit.

A panel from The Sprite

This five page tale shows The Sprite coming out of retirement to find the true identity of his enemy, the Octopus.

Whilst searching for the villain, The Sprite comes across some old friends...

The Sprite meets his old friends

The Sprite meets his old friends

Shocked to find that they are also involved with the Octopus, The Sprite soon dispatches with them all and finally manages to track down his arch enemy. Confronting him, The Sprite finds the Octopus to be none other than...

The Sprite finds the true identity of the Octopus

Distraught, The Sprite kills the Octopus - wondering at how he can continue his career as a hero, The Sprite suddenly has an idea:

The Sprite decides on a change of image

All art 2000 Brian Buniak

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