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The cover to issue 1

In this first issue the reader is treated to three stories dealing with not only the origin of the Spirit, but told from the viewpoint of his two most deadly villains: Dr. Cobra and the Octopus. The third story focuses on Dr. Cobra's assistant Granch, who was also doused with the eternal life formula.

All three stories add to the canon of the Spirit in a way that Eisner never intended. The mystery of the Octopus was always left as just that: a mystery. Dr. Cobra was the villain who started everything and literally created the Spirit.

Despite their overpowering sense of continutiy, these three stories are wonderful in capturing the essence of what made the Spirit great. All of the Eisner elements are here: the splash pages, the 8 page length, the varying viewpoints, the common man caught up in uncommon events, the use of shadow and light.

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons are to be commended for showing us that there are plenty of untold stories concerning the Spirit. There is more story in just eight pages of this comic than I have found in most comics in a long while.

Thanks Mr. Eisner for inviting other writers and artists into your world!

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The Spirit: The New Adventures #1

March, 1998

"The Most Important Meal"

"Force of Arms"

"Gossip and Gertrude Granch"

story Alan Moore

art & lettering Dave Gibbons

cover Dave Gibbons

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