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The cover to issue 3

In a story very remeniscint of the Wally Wood Spirits, Alan Moore creates a story of the future in which the ramifications of Dr. Cobra's formula become apparent. The tour of Central City becomes an essay on the various storytelling elements that Will Esiner used in his stories. The story is also a remeniscence of the people in Denny Colt's life.

The second story is one of mistaken identity. Ellen puts it best when she states, "You think every guy in a blue suit is trying to look like you?" A hilarious story that combines jewel thieves, a kidnapping, a stalker and the ongoing romance of Ellen and the Spirit. The Spirit has the final word which puts everything into perspective: "Anyone who dresses up like me has got to be a nut."

It is interesting that both stories capture the feel of Central City in a way that makes the city the main character. The look of the buildings, the streets, the people - all contribute to create the important stage that most of the Spirit takes place on.

A great issue which captures the mood of the Spirit through the city in which he lives and works.

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The Spirit: The New Adventures #3

May, 1998

"Last Night I Dreamed of Dr. Cobra"

story Alan Moore

art & color Daniel Torres

"Ellen's Stalker"

story Mark Kneece

art & color Bo Hampton

cover Brian Bolland

backcover by Moebius

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