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The cover to issue 4

What an Issue!!!!!!!

First it was the titles that caught my eye: The Samovar of Shooshinpoor? Dr. Broca von Bitelbaum?

Then it was the splash pages that caught my eye - especially the one for the first story.

Ultimately, it was the stories that kept me riveted. From the return of Sand Saref to the Nazi robot and the story of the super bug, each story held my interest for multiple readings.

Special thanks to the team of Busiek, Anderson and Blyberg for a bittersweet story of Sand Saref.

That's all I can say about this issue without ruining it for you! Read it!

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The Spirit: The New Adventures #4

June, 1998

"The Samovar of Shooshinpoor"
story Kurt Busiek

art Brent Anderson & Will Blyberg

"The Weapon"
story & art Michael Allred and friends

"Dr. Broca von Bitelbaum"

story Mark Schultz

art & color David Lloyd

cover Will Esiner & William Stout

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