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The cover to issue 6

Let me talk about the cover for a moment: WOW! There have always been great covers for this series - that's why I have scanned them all. But this one really caught my eye with the Spirit against an Eisner background. It reminds me a great deal of the not-so-great movie.

The first story concerns a swami and his cohorts who swindle money from wealthy patrons. When his assitant kills to gain wealth and steals his girlfriend, the resulting stress causes him to gain real powers. When the Spirit gets involved things really heat up. The Swami redeems himself at the end when he... well that would be telling. Tom Mandrake's art is perfect for this moody story of love and sacrifice.

The second story has it origins in the Lindbergh baby kidnapping only this one has a happy ending. The Spirit makes only a cursory appearance - it is the rest of the cast that carries the story. Scott Hamptons painting is gorgeous but seems somehow too "nice" for the gritty world of the Spirit. I can't help but wonder how Eisner would have accomplished this tale in 7 or 8 pages...

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The Spirit: The New Adventures #6

September, 1998

"Swami Vashtibubu"

story John Ostrander

art Tom Mandrake

"Baby Eichberg"

story Scott Hampton & Mark Kneece

art Scott Hampton

cover Will Eisner & Tim Bradstreet

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