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In what title did "The Wraith", a tribute to Will Eisner's work on The Spirit first appear? (Answer at bottom of the page)

The cover to issue 7

In the first story the Octopus is back and plotting to kill the Mayor and put his own man in charge of the city. Dolan and The Spirit decide to go golfing... exactly where the Octopus' plot is being hatched. This is a fun story due to the characterization. If it weren't for the length, I would swear that it was Eisner doing the writing.

The second story evokes the type of narrative that Eisner used ocassionaly - using an inanimate object to tell the story. In this instance instead of a tommy gun, it is a bullet doing the narrating. A good story.

The final story concerns a group of children dressed as the Spirit for Halloween. Sammy leads the group (which includes Genius & P.S.) The story is mostly told by the children and the Spirit shows up in time to save them from a murderer. While the art was a bit sketchy (I had a hard time recognizing the children), the killer's story was well told through the prose and the art.

I may be a sentimentalist, but this halloween issue did not seem right without a witch or two...

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The Spirit: The New Adventures #7

October, 1998

"Golf Anyone?"

Dennis P. Eichhorn

art & color Gene Fama

"The Pacifist"

story Eddie Campbell & Marcus Moore

art Eddie Campbell

"The Ghost of Tiger Traps"

story Jay Stephens

art Paul Pope

cover Peter Poplaski

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