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The cover to issue 8

Will Eisner enjoyed doing an offbeat story now and then - usually something to do with a mystical artifact, an unusual person or aliens. This issue's full length story is made up of the last two.

It starts with a murder and two strange characters. It seems that men are marrying an exotically beautiful woman and then killing her - over and over again. To hide this unusual aspect of the crime, the woman and her strange companion keep moving from town to town.

The pair use the insurance money to further some ongoing project. When the Spirit gets involved, things begin to move quickly. The Spirit chases the pair right back to Wildwood cemetary. It turns out that the alien had broken down and was using the money to repair his ship so he could return home.

Characterization again carries this story. From the hilarious medical examiner to the people on the streets of Central City, it is the backdrop of the city that is the real draw for this tale. The story ends with the Spirit taking it all in stride and declaring that going home is a good idea.

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The Spirit: The New Adventures #8

November, 1998

story Joe Lansdale

art John Lucas

cover Mark Nelson

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