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What is unusual about the cover to The Spirit's Casebook of True Haunted Houses and Ghosts"? (Answer at bottom of the page)

What would have been the cover to issue 9

The ninth issue of the New Adventures series was to have been a special Christmas issue, featuring two stories in the tradition of Will Eisner's usual Christmas Spirit sections.

However, issue 7, which was the Halloween issue did not appear until late November and by this time it was apparent that Kitchen Sink Press were having some problems with the scheduling of the series. It would not become apparent to fans that KSP was ceasing operations until shortly after issue 8 of the series appeared in late December.

The inside back cover showed us the cover of what should have been issue 9 (shown above) and at least two of the three stories had been completed. With thanks to Andrew Sumner for providing the following information: To Silken, From Santa was written by Peter Hogan and drawn by Ted Slampyak. This was a seven page tale featuring Denny Colt and the bespectacled-but-sexy Dr Silken Floss.

With thanks to Gary Chaloner for information on The Black Opal, which was ten page story, written, pencilled and inked by Gary Chaloner. The story is about a vengeful aboriginal warrior woman who comes to Central City to kill-off a bumbling gang of Australian thieves. The Spirit becomes involved in a race against time to save the ever-diminishing group and tracks the last two members to outback Australia - climaxing in a stormy, rain-drenched battle with Black Opal. To view a page of the story, click here.

It is a pity that the series ended so abruptly with issue 8 - the series did win the 1998 Harvey award for "Best New Series", and the tales listed above would have continued the high quality of this series. There was also at least one further tale for a future issue, written by Mike Baron, called "Art for Art's Sake".

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The Spirit: The New Adventures #9

Never published

To have featured work by

Peter Kuper

Ted Slampyak

Peter Hogan

Gary Chaloner

Cover by John Estes

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One of the creators for one of the tales to be published in this issue is Gary Chaloner, and this site shows more of his excellent work.

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Trivia Answer: There were two different covers.(For more information, click here)