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How many husbands did P'Gell go through during the run of The Spirit ? (Answer at bottom of the page)

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One of the most unusual stories appeared on 16 April, 1950 - "Taxes and The Spirit". In this story, two agents of the Treasury Department take The Spirit in for questioning about why he has not filed any income tax returns and what his source of income is - it is revealed that The Spirit lives off the inheritance his father left. This would later be used against The Spirit when 'Denny Colt' returns (much to The Spirit's surprise) on September 16, 1951 in "The Counterfeit Kitter" to claim his inheritance.

The two Treasury Agents talk to The Spirit

Forcing The Spirit to reveal his identity, it is upto the two Treasury Agents to decide whether his career as a crime fighter can continue...

The Spirit is taken in for further questioning

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