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1 December 2003 - The links page has some more interviews with Will Eisner added. Plus the banners page has been updated with a few new banners.

31 October 2003 - The links and foreign language links pages have been updated with new sites. Also, this site is mirrored here. Happy Halloween! Don't forget our Halloween page.

27 September 2003 - updated the creators page so it now includes Manly Wade Wellman, one of the writers of The Spirit when Eisner was in the Army. Also split the bookshop page so you can look at pages with the following subjects: The Spirit Archives & other Spirit collections; Books by or about Will Eisner (not including graphic novels); the Will Eisner Library and other graphic novels; Books about Comics and Comic Strips; Collectables (statues, figures, posters, etc.); and DVD and Video.

10 August 2003 - Updated the bookshop page so it now includes The Spirit Archives #12, Plastic Man Archives #5 and T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives #3..

13 July 2003 - Updated the bookshop page so it now includes Hawks of the Seas, Will Eisner Sketchbook and Will's new graphic novel Fagin the Jew..

19 April 2003 - The covers pages have had many new pages added which now includes The Spirit Magazine published by Warren and Kitchen Sink! Updates to the bookshop page - The Spirit Archives #11 is now available to pre-order..

10 March 2003 - Updated the links page with over a dozen new links, plus the links to to non-English language sites has also been updated with five new countries added.

6 March 2003 - A new page looking at the publishers of The Spirit weekly section in the USA has been added. Plus: updates to the Price Guide page, and major updates to the bookshop page so it now includes The Spirit Archives #10, plus lots of other Spirit books previously unavailable and out of print! And Happy Birthday Will Eisner!

9 February 2003 - Updated the bookshop page so it now shows Spirit books available..

11 January 2003 - The Action Figure and Statues page has been updated to include the new Spirit mini-bust and character statue released in 2002. Updated the bookshop page so it now includes other Spirit-related items available..

14 December 2002 - Updates to the bookshop page.

3 November 2002 - Updates to the bookshop page and the links page.

15 September 2002 - All of the covers pages now back and working.

1 September 2002 - Further updates to the bookshop page and the links page.

25 August 2002 - Apologies for the long delay in updating this site. Updated the bookshop page and the links page. Several new Will Eisner related material coming out shortly, Panel Discussions, published by TwoMorrows Publishing, features Eisner talking about the medium; Will Eisner won the Eisner Award in San Diego for Name of the Game. Dark Horse are releasing the Classic Comic Characters #34: The Spirit Statue in September 2002; NBM have released a page from Sundiata: A Legend of Africa, to be released in November 2002; and  DC Direct will be releasing a Spirit mini-bust in December 2002. 

1 January 2002 - First off, Happy New Year!. Updated the bookshop page so that it now includes The Spirit Archives Volume 6, as well as Name of the Game.

20 September 2001 - Will Eisner gives his first interview about the tragic events on 11 September 2001 at Newsarama.

18 September 2001 - DC has solicited volume 6 of The Spirit Archives for December - Comic Book Resources has the listing.

3 September 2001 - Lots more new links added, and due to the large number of European and South American language sites on Will Eisner and The Spirit I have set up a new links page just for those.

1 September 2001 - More characters like Darling O'Shea, Hazel MacBeth, PS are added to the characters page.Lots of new Will Eisner links added. Added Blackhawk Archives to the bookshop page with the sad news that Chuck Cuidera has passed on - Mark Evanier's obituary can be found here. Added a couple of new banners for the new look site.

26 August 2001 - DC Comics solicitations for items scheduled to ship in November lists Will Eisner's new graphic novel, The Name of The Game. For further information, click here.

20 August 2001 - As regular visitors may have noticed, this site has been redesigned! All of the pages have now been converted to the 'new' look and this includes updating the page on Will Eisner. The Links page has now been split into two, with a separate links page listing all of the pages on this site!

1 August 2001 Added a new page on the CFA-APA issue on The Spirit. Updated the bookshop page so that it now includes The Spirit Archives Volume 5. Also, altered The Spirit Checklist (Adobe Acrobat version) so that it now includes bookmarks and a clickable index!

28 July 2001 There are preview images of Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset now available. Plus volume 5 of The Spirit Archives will be released on 22 August (With thanks to Eric Swainsbury).

24 July 2001 There is a fascinating interview with Will Eisner by Michael Chabon from San Diego at the Comic Book Resources site.

21 July 2001 Updated The Spirit Checklist and the links page. Lots of Eisner news: there is a preview of the brand new John Law, Detective series by Gary Chaloner! And The Spirit Archives volumes 1 & 2 won the Best Archival Collection/Project at the 2001 Will Eisner awards at San Diego!

24 June 2001 The downloads page has been updated so that you can now download the screensavers, desktop theme and sounds can be downloaded directly! A further cover has been added to the draft covers page (With thanks to Eric Swainsbury). Also removed the webring page.

3 June 2001 Updated the bookshop page so that it now includes the NBM english language version of Moby Dick, and the new book looking at Jack Cole and Plastic Man by Art Spiegelman. Also, added some new links! And volume 5 of The Spirit Archives is finally being solicited!

14 May 2001 Updated the bookshop page so that it now includes french and german titles! Also, the official Will Eisner site is now up!

13 May 2001 Updated the webring page. Also removed the postcard page until further notice. New on the order lists is Dark Horse Maverick 2001, which includes some work by Will Eisner as well as Denis Kitchen!

6 May 2001 Updated the wallpaper page with fifteen new images!

3 May 2001 Two new pages of cover scans added: Daily Spirit reprints by Aprill and Real Free Press; Daily Spirit reprints by Ken Pierce and the Harvey Comics series! Also added a new page which looks at draft covers by Will Eisner(With thanks to Eric Swainsbury); and updated the bookshop page which now includes Will Eisner's Shop Talk!

30 April 2001 Congratulations to Will Eisner for winning Best Graphic Album of Original Work for Last Day in Vietnam at the 2001 Harvey Awards! Also congratulations to Will Eisner, Dale Crain and the rest of the DC Archives team for winning the award for Best Domestic Reprint for The Spirit Archives.

28 April 2001 Two new pages added: Action Figure & Statue - looking at the new Spirit collectibles (With thanks to Eric Swainsbury); and a page on The Spirit Lunchbox!

22 April 2001 Added a new page looking at the meetings between Batman and The Spirit! Also added some new links.

10 April 2001 Due to unforeseen circumstances Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Database has had to move to a new location - so with all due fanfare welcome to the new site here on Angelfire! With thanks to Jamie Riehle for all of his help. Thanks also to Daniel Mc Kiernan for his offer of assistance. I have taken the opportunity to alter the links page so that it is now easier to use.

29 March 2001 Updated The Spirit Checklist. With thanks to Eric Swainsbury.

13 March 2001 The page on The Spirit Dailies has been updated. There is now also a page showing The Spirit Dailies Previews.With thanks to Eric Swainsbury.

6 March 2001 Happy Birthday to Will Eisner, born on this day in New York in 1917!

3 March 2001 The page on the British reprints has been updated. With thanks to Eric Swainsbury.

25 February 2001 The Spirit Checklist has been updated to include the third volume of The Spirit Archives, as well as some new information on the dailies and Spiritman series (With thanks to Eric Swainsbury). A couple of new links added.The fifth part of the WizardWorld Com interview with Will Eisner is available Soldiers' Stories, is 5 Minutes with Will Eisner on Last Day in Vietnam.

17 February 2001 The second two parts of the WizardWorld Com interview with Will Eisner are up - the first, Fanfare for the Common Man, is 5 Minutes with Will Eisner on Minor Miracles. The fourth part, In Pursuit of Excellence is 5 Minutes with Will Eisner on His Great Tales Adaptations. These and several more new interviews and articles are added to the Links page.

11 February 2001 The first two parts of an interview with Will Eisner are at WizardWorld Com - the first Building on the Shoulders of Giants, is 5 Minutes with Will Eisner on the State of the Marketplace. The second, An Indomitable Spirit is 5 Minutes with Will Eisner on The Spirit.

6 January 2001 Added an interview with Will Eisner from Gray Haven Magazine. Volume Four of The Spirit Archives is available to order from the bookshop page.

9 December 2000 Two new items previewed at the Dark Horse site: The Spirit Lunchbox; and Will Eisner's Shop Talk, a collection of interviews with professionals in the comics industry which were originally published in The Spirit Magazine and Will Eisner's Quarterly.DC Comics are publishing The Spirit Archives Volume 3 on the 20th December.

26 November 2000 Updated the bookshop page so that it now includes Minor Miracles and updates for other books in the Will Eisner Library.

17 November 2000 Added a page on Mr. Mystic to go with the page on Lady Luck. Also updated The Spirit Checklist to include The Spirit Archives Volume Two and Will Eisner's 3-D Classics.

14 November 2000 Added a page on Lady Luck. Also updated the Price Guide page, and the Links page.

27 September 2000 There's an interview with Will Eisner at The Onion AV Club concentrating on his graphic novels and The Spirit Archives.

19 September 2000 Mike Jozic's Meanwhile features an audio interview with Will Eisner, as well as some biographical information and tributes. Plus, more news on The Spirit Archives Volume 3, due in December.

10 September 2000 The September 2000 Previews offers The Spirit statue, based on designs by Will Eisner, it is to be sculpted by William Paqiet and will not be available until March 2001.

20 August 2000 The DC Comics website has a page on The Spirit Archives Volume Two.

19 August 2000 Updated the bookshop page so that it now finally includes Last Day in Vietnam and The Spirit Archives Volume 3! Also included some new links. Available to advance order now are: Minor Miracles the latest graphic novel; The Spirit Action Figure;Hogan's Alley #8, which includes an interview with Will Eisner.

23 July 2000 From the Comic-Con International: San Diego comes news of a Spirit action figure, click here to find out more (with thanks to Chris Dingsdale for this information). Also, nothing to do with Will Eisner or The Spirit, but put up a page on Master Man (with thanks to Mikel Midnight for allowing me to host this page).

16 July 2000 A review of The Spirit Archives #1 appears on the USA Today site, called Spirit Moves DC to reprint comic book noir. Also, look for Will Eisner at the Comic-Con International: San Diego Saturday 22 July.

29 June 2000 Two new pages added: Iced? - a look at an unpublished tale intended for The Spirit: The New Adventures by Peter Hogan and Charlie Adlard; Comic Book Greats - Stan Lee interviews Will Eisner? It happened in 1992, this page has the details and shows some pictures from the tape. Also, the magazine Comicology will feature an article on The Spirit in their second issue.

11 June 2000 Updated the downloadable versions of The Spirit Checklist, plus updated the titles on the bookshop page to include The Spirit Archives Volume Two and the other DC reprints. There is also a new DC Comics Message Board, and a new The Comics Journal Message Board both on Will Eisner. Plus, there are finally Yahoo listings for both The Spirit, and Will Eisner!

5 June 2000 Updated the following pages: Will Eisner, The Spirit Checklist (web pages only) to include The Spirit Archives and the Millennium Edition: The Spirit#1

3 June 2000 Put some new Eisner-related links. From the DC Comics Newsletter comes the good news that The Spirit Archives Volume 1 has sold very well. Vince Letterio, DC’s Manager - Direct Sales states:"the run of THE SPIRIT ARCHIVES is off to a impressive start, with Volume 1 having the highest first week reorder activity of any Archive to date". There is also a new DC Comics Message Board.

28 May 2000 To reiterate DC's plans to reprint all of The Spirit sections in The Spirit Archives, Paul Levitz posted the following message on the rec.arts.comics.misc newsgroup: "We plan on reprinting the full set of the Spirit sections. Market willing, we're going at the rate of three volumes a year beginning in 2001. I don't recall our announcing 15 volumes, because the run is certainly more than 7 1/2 years worth. In the general Archive program, we can debate the chrono vs. highlights vs. enter-when-I-love the comic approach. The straight chrono has a couple of bases I find compelling: if it works, the whole run eventually gets done for history the earlier issues tend to be the most expensive/scarce to obtain separately. We try to do an additional volume every year or two years in any Archive series that works (ie, sells ok). As several of you surmised, we alternate the Supes and Bats series, partially to keep the cash burden on collectors of those series under control. Each year we set a schedule that balances our use of golden age and silver age material, partially for marketing reasons but more from balancing the production resource (older material remains tougher to do, despite improved computer-driven technology). We've been able to increase the total number for several reasons, including changes in how we distribute, market and produce the volumes which cumulatively allow us to make a reasonable profit on each(something that wasn't true in the early days of the series--which accounts for their relative spottiness then). Legion and All-Star have both had accellerated schedules--though not as ambitious as our Spirit schedule, obviously--because of the core group of serious fans each has. We felt (and time has shown) that they could support the annual program. And finally, we're watching for two cues to decide when to end series: when sales fall off (indicating that a large number of collectors either own the originals or don't consider it worth buying the reprint volumes) or when the price guide/market values of the original issues start dropping below the volume price (indicating that it would be easier for collectors to just go out and get the single issues)".

22 May 2000 With queries about whether DC intends to reprint all of The Spirit sections in The Spirit Archives, Denis Kitchen posted the following message on the Eisner-L list: "For the record, Paul Levitz has assured me that DC will be doing the ENTIRE run of Spirits, including all the war-time stories ghosted by Fine and Cole. And they are doing them all in chronological order. The feelings is that the chronology, for once, should be complete, and that the scarcity of the wartime stories will make these volumes as commercial as the all-Eisner volumes".

21 May 2000 Rejoined the Comic Strip Classics webring.

20 May 2000 Put a link in for Will, which is still under construction. Now that The Spirit Archives Volume #1 has been released, there are some comments about it on the DC Comics Message Boards, the Eisner-L list, and on the rec.arts.comics.misc newsgroup.

16 May 2000 First news of The Spirit Archives Volume Two can be found here.

13 May 2000 Two new pages added: Wannabees - looking at all the characters over the years who bear a striking resemblence to The Spirit; and as I have closed down the Guestbook due to no activity, I have started up a Mailbag page instead for you to send comments or questions to. Also updated the Movie page with some photos from the film (with thanks to Douglas Nasluchacz for providing the images). Some more Eisner-related links added. And - next week sees the publication of The Spirit Archives Volume 1!

3 May 2000 Out today: DC Comics Millennium Edition: The Spirit #1 from of course DC Comics!

1 May 2000 The Comic Book Resources site have posted a series of previews to Will Eisner's Last Day in Vietnam graphic novel.

23 April 2000 Latest news on Will Eisner's new graphic novel, Last Day in Vietnam, can be found here. Updated page on The Spirit: The New Adventures #9 with information supplied from Gary Chaloner. Also added some new links, and some new web searches or resources.

25 March 2000 Added Downloads page. From the page you will be able to gain access to all of the screensavers, a Spirit desktop theme, plus lots more!

19 March 2000 More news on The Spirit Archives - Greg Theakston is involved with the series and is requesting any Spirit sections from 1941. If you have any, please email Greg for further information.

6 March 2000 Many of the downloads available from this site have been withdrawn temporarily. Please note that the Bookshop page has also been moved.

5 March 2000 Added page to this site which should allow it to be translated into French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Click here to view.With thanks to Sarah Forbes for passing this info on. Please note that this translation only allows upto 5K of text to be translated so will not work for all of the pages. Added new guestbook.

4 March 2000 Updated links page. Also updated page on The Spirit: The New Adventures #9 and the bookshop page as The Spirit Archives can now be ordered!

2 March 2000 First news of a brand new Eisner graphic novel can be found here. With thanks to Douglas Nasluchacz for passing this info on.

27 February 2000 More news on the first volume of The Spirit Archives - comics historian R.C. Harvey is writing the introduction.

26 February 2000 The latest Diamond Previews lists The Spirit Archives Volume 1 as a Gem of the month.

22 February 2000 First news of The Spirit Archives and DC Comics Millennium Edition: The Spirit#1 can be found here. With thanks to Douglas Nasluchacz for passing this info on.

21 February 2000 Joined the Comic Strip Classics webring.

19 February 2000 Added one of Douglas Nasluchacz's screensavers. Also added a few interviews with Will Eisner on the Links page. Submitted site to RSACi.

29 January 2000 Further news on DC releasing A Contract With God from the Diamond site. Also updated some of the Banners.

27 January 2000 From Douglas Nasluchacz's Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Homepage reviews of The Spirit: The New Adventures are available again.

24 January 2000 From Raving Toy Maniac comes the news that Graphitti Designs are planning to release a Spirit action figure! With thanks to Douglas Nasluchacz for passing this info on.

23 January 2000 From the Will Eisner Discussion Group comes the following tantalising news from Jamie:Katy Garnier, the former Spirit editor at KSP, and I are creating a web site in conjunction with Will, covering all of his work, not just The Spirit. It will also feature unpublished art work from new projects. We're due to go live in early spring... Our goal is to have the site live before DC releases their first book in the Eisner Library, 'A Contract With God', in April.

22 January 2000 As many online fans of The Spirit know, one of the best sites was Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Homepage, run by Douglas Nasluchacz. Unfortunately, Douglas has decided to close down his site, and last Saturday the pages appeared for the last time in their usual place. However, I am pleased to announce that the contents of his site will be moved here! Today, three pages have been added which originally appeared on Doug's site: A Brief History of The Spirit, which outlines how the character was created and his appearances from 1940-1952; Spirit Hangman, an online game using the friends and foes of The Spirit as the answers (uses JavaScript); Movie, an in depth look and review of the 1987 television movie. Also added today is an article by Mikel Midnight which originally appeared on the Sequential Tart site last year - Blue Mask and Bette Davis Eyes - The Women of The Spirit. Plus two new pages: New York Herald Tribune Spirit Section - a look at this 1966 story which had never been reprinted until recently; The Sprite - a parody of The Spirit which appeared in 1974 (with thanks to Mikel Midnight for his assistance with this page). You will also notice that the name of this humble site has now changed to Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Database - this is in tribute to Douglas' excellent work on his site which I hope can be continued here. Further pages and files from Doug's site will be available here shortly.

14 January 2000 From DC Comics comes the following news: the Will Eisner Library - a collection of a dozen Eisner graphic novels- will kick of in April 2000 with the release of A Contract With God Softcover Edition. Later in 2000 and beyond DC plans to publish the remainder of the Eisner Library, including Life On Another Planet, The Dreamer, New York: The Big City, City People Notebook, To The Heart Of The Storm, Invisible People, The Building, Will Eisner Reader, Dropsie Avenue, A Life Force, and A Family Matter - in consultation with Eisner himself. And, beginning in May, DC will debut the first volume in a complete, chronological, full-colour reprinting of Eisner's The Spirit in hardcover - with Volume 1 of The Spirit Archives.

8 January 2000 Added a link for the new book of Will Eisner coming from NBM called The Last Knight.

12 December 1999 Updated Bookshop page, as now an affiliate of

27 November 1999 Updated page on The Spirit Casebook of True Haunted Houses and Ghosts, to show the more gruesome cover (with thanks to Mikel Midnight). Also updated Bookshop page.

18 November 1999 Added a page on The Spirit Casebook of True Haunted Houses and Ghosts, also added a couple of new Links.

13 November 1999 Denis Kitchen, longtime publisher of The Spirit and Will's other graphic novels until the end of 1998 has announced the following good news:I'm returning part-time to publishing (starting with a lost classic by Harvey Kurtzman). Under the Denis Kitchen Art Agency umbrella I continue to represent the Al Capp estate, Harvey Kurtzman estate, Russell Keaton estate and others for licensing and the sale of original artwork. And I've begun a new, separate agency. In the latter capacity, Will Eisner appointed me earlier this year to be his literary agent. With my partner, attorney Judith Hansen, I negotiated the deal that brought twelve of Will's graphic novels to DC Comics and a separate deal that will result in The Spirit becoming part of DC's hardcover color archive series. Some other Eisner books and series (both old and new) will find homes as well, some at other publishing houses. Tom Heintjes has also announced that issue eight of the excellent Hogan's Alley magazine will feature an interview with Will Eisner.

6 November 1999 With many thanks to Steve Meyer for formatting, The Spirit Checklist is now available to download!

23 October 1999 The latest issue of Roy Thomas' Alter Ego features a reprinting of the 1966 Spirit New York Tribune story, with a piece on the history of this interesting section.

25 September 1999 Updated Bookshop page again to include search engines for titles. Also updated the Gerhard Schnobble page to include information about the Brazilian film made of the story.

19 September 1999 Updated Bookshop page. Also joined the Comic Times Link Exchange.

5 September 1999 Added a new page on Michael T. Gilbert's The Wraith.

21 August 1999 Added a new page on The Spirit CD-ROM.

13 August 1999 More great news! The latest Comic Book Wire reveals that all of Will Eisner's new work and the backlog of titles with KSP will now be picked up by DC Comics!

11 August 1999 Great news! It has been announced on today's Daily Buzz that Will Eisner has signed up with DC Comics to allow them to reprint The Spirit in their Archive Editions series! The first volume should be published in 2000. With thanks to Douglas Nasluchacz for passing on the information.

7 August 1999 Added two new pages: Crime Convention, a look at the first of the Underground Spirit's; Clean Living, a page on this 21 October 1951 story which had little involvement from Eisner, but which nevertheless provides an interesting look at the life of The Spirit.

25 July 1999 Joined the Vampirellas Bracelets webring.

4 July 1999 Added some new Will Eisner & The Spirit related links. Also spotted that issue two of Roy Thomas' Alter Ego magazine will feature a never reprinted Spirit section from 1966 (presumably one of the Harvey Comics stories).

2 July 1999 Added three new pages: Autumn Mews, a look at one of the femme fatales who appeared in The Spirit; Links Robbery, a look at this two part story loosely taken from the Brinks Robbery; The Spirit Gets Older, a look at the tales in which we meet The Spirit of the far flung year of 1970, and a series of tales in 1951 in which he considered retiring!

1 July 1999 Added The Spirit Checklist, originally created by Cat Yronwode and now updated! Because of the size of the Checklist, it is split into four parts: Sections 1 - 290; Sections 291 - 447; Sections 448 - 645; Post 1952 Appearances. Please note that any additions or alterations suggested for the Checklist are welcome. Please email me.

19 June 1999 Four new pages added: Cerebus, a look at the time The Spirit met the aardvark; Grimm Fairy Tales looks at The Spirit's Favorite Fairy Tales for Juvenile Delinquents series; A Crime Primer - M-U-R-D-E-R, a look at the war time tale of The Spirit told with alliteration; Dr Schyzoid, the story which featured The Spirit being psychoanalyzed!

15 June 1999 Two new pages added, relating to pre-War Spirit sections: Killer McNobby, a look at the only Spirit story told entirely in rhyme; Orang looks at this two part story which features the ape that thinks like a man!

14 June 1999 Added a couple more Will Eisner & Spirit Links.

13 June 1999 Added a couple more Links.

12 June 1999 Three new pages added: Life Story of the Octopus reprints the Harvey origin story from 1967; Mayor of Central City looks at the cast that have either become candidates or held the post of Mayor; South Seas a look at the series of tales in which The Spirit left Central City and journeyed around the South Sea islands. Also updated the following pages: Banners, added new banner; Web Rings & Searches, joined the Look Smart Clicks exchange.

10 June 1999 The latest Previews has two Eisner related products: both issues of the Baseball Comics reprints are offered by Bud Plant Comic Art on page 226, and Graphitti Designs have a Spirit T-shirt available on page 391.

5 June 1999 Good news as Will Eisner has found a new publisher with NBM Publishing - they have announced that they will be releasing an adaptation of The Princess and The Frog. Click here for further details. Added three new pages: Army Tales, a look at Eisner's work on the medium whilst in and for the Army; Baseball Comics, a look at one of the first titles that Will's American Visuals production company released onto the news stands; Policeman Spirit, looking at when The Spirit became a special deputy. Also updated the following pages: Price Guide, to include some additional reprints of The Spirit; Wallpaper, added a new image; Links, added some new sites. Fixed bug on Invader page.

17 May 1999 Further news on Will Eisner winning the Reuben award comes from Ron Evry who posted the following on the Will Eisner Mailing list. For the voting, A Family Matter was listed on the ballot, but at the awards banquet, they simply listed The Spirit to the audience. After the banquet, Will played around with a computer and art pad, which he was unfamiliar with. Naturally, in a minute or so, he was cranking out beautiful drawings, using his technique of starting loosely and building up. He seemed to like doing that, but said that you still can't beat two ply bristol board. Ron will be making a Real video clip available on the Reuben site shortly, but you can also get a copy of the whole event from Ron by sending a blank VHS video (NTSC format), return postage and at least a ten dollar donation to the National Cartoonists Society's Milt Gross Fund for indigent cartoonists. Contact Ron for further information.

16 May 1999 Added some more new links.

15 May 1999 Congratulations to Will Eisner for winning Best Cartoonist of 1998 in the annual Reuben awards. Added some new links.

11 May 1999 Updated the Bookshop page.

9 May 1999 Joined the Golden Age Webring. The excellent Comic Book Artist site has an excellent interview with Will Eisner, which includes such fascinating nuggets of information as: Will was approached by Columbia television to do a Spirit television series in the 1950s; Stan Lee approached Will in the 1970s to license The Spirit to Marvel to produce new adventures of the character! This magazine is well worth purchasing, I cannot recommend it highly enough!

1 May 1999 Two new pages added: Ten Minutes, a look at the most reprinted The Spirit story; and Price Guide, due to popular request, a listing of current prices for Spirit titles.

24 April 1999 It was announced last week that The Spirit: The New Adventures won the Harvey award for "Best New Series" of 1998. Will Eisner has also announced that he is very interested in setting up his own web site, which is very good news.

10 April 1999 Will Eisner is to be Guest of honor at CONQUE '99, being held from 30 April - 2 May inclusive. With thanks to Carlos Garcia Campillo for the information.

4 April 1999 A new article called Redirected Male - The Blue Mask and Bette Davis Eyes: The Women of The Spirit, written by Mikel Midnight (with minor assistance from myself) is on the excellent Sequential Tart site.

3 April 1999 New look to this site, with Trivia Questions and Quick Links on every page, and a hopefully easier way to navigate around the site. If you prefer a complete listing of all the pages available, then goto the Links page, which is retaining the old format. Added three new pages: Secret Origins, a look at the origin tales of The Spirit and The Octopus; New Year page, a look at the New Year stories; and Barber, a look at one of my favourite single sections.

21 March 1999 The latest issue of The Comics Journal has an article on the top 100 comics of the century - The Spirit comes in at a respectable 15th place.

20 March 1999 Updated the Copyright page, with information on who owned the original copyright to The Spirit, and added some more Links. Also found an interesting interview with Will Eisner about Jack Kirby's start with him, which can be found here

13 March 1999 Added three new pages: Dictator's Reform - a page on the infamous Hitler story; Gerhard Shnobble - Will Eisner's favourite Spirit story; Invader - A look at a lost Spirit story from 1973! Plus, I have split off the Web Rings and searches to their own page, and added a separate Update page, which will show every update since the site was launched, only the past two months updates will be shown here now.

28 February 1999 Added over 100 covers at the Cover scans page. Also changed counter on this page, and fixed bug on Media page.

14 February 1999 Will has posted the following information to the Will Eisner discussion group On the question of what is currently the situation with The Spirit and other projects: "I have not yet decided where to go with my properties. My relationship with Kitchen Sink has,I confess, spoiled me in that I have become used to a very close and personal relationship with my publisher. This is not easy to find in the present publishing trade environment. While I wait for the dust to settle I am still at work on three books of varied subject matter. As for the Spirit series I do not know yet which direction it will go. Clay Moore is doing a Spirit statuette... I don't think it is "an action figure" but it should be out in August of this year. There has not yet been any discussion with any publishers about any continuation of the series of NEW ADVENTURES that KSP started. I am trying to sort out, ah, the deleterious debris - between trying to produce three new books that are work in progress and assessing a strategy for continuing publication of the Will Eisner Library. I have my hands full."

13 February 1999 Added two new pages: Halloween, and Vampirella, written by Mikel Midnight

6 February 1999 Redesigned pages. Also added a new page on Wonder Man written by Mikel Midnight

23 January 1999 Moved banners and buttons for this site to their own page.

16 January 1999 Added several new banners to this site, which can be found on the Links page.

9 January 1999 Added a postcards page. Joined several web rings which can be viewed on the Links page.

2 January 1999 - Added two new pages: Midnight, a page on Jack Cole's character; Media, a page containing some sound clips from the 1948 television show and 1987 album. A sound clip is also at the bottom of this page (from the 1948 show). Added a new screensaver and a new wallpaper.

28 December 1998 - Added search engine at bottom of this page. Made some minor cosmetic changes to some of the pages. Also joined Comic Sites Alliance.

27 December 1998 - Added a couple more titles to the Bookshop page. Also made a couple of alterations to the Links page.

21 December 1998 - More news on KSP and Will Eisner - Will Eisner's comics' rights will revert back to Poor House Publishing(Eisner's brother's publishing company). Eisner will also get all inventory that Kitchen Sink had of his books. Information courtesy of Mikel Midnight

20 December 1998 - Updated all pages with the sad news about Kitchen Sink Press see below. Also put in a couple of new appearances of The Spirit in the 1970s on the New Adventures page. With thanks to Mikel Midnight for spotting those!

19 December 1998 - Put a Christmas Spirit screensaver on the screensaver page. Put a banner to this site on the links page.

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed today that Kitchen Sink Press closed it's doors on Friday 18 December, 1998. This publisher, which has been publishing Will Eisner's work for the past 20 years (among many other talented creators) will be sorely missed by the industry and the fans. What this means for future reprints of The Spirit and Will Eisner's new work is unknown at this time - hopefully a new publisher can be found. Kitchen Sink are expected to release a statement on their own site shortly (a link can be found on my Links page)

13 December 1998 - Some new links added.

21 November 1998 - Site launched.

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