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4:  "The Final Star of Morning"

Vampirella and Adam track down the woman known as Pantha (following up on a Pantha solo story from Vampirella #45; it is possible that Nubia and Fleur had also appeared in previous issues of the series and are gathered together for the 50th anniversary special) and rescue her from her captors.  Returning the amulet restores Pantha's memory.  Using a second, functional starship from Khafra's home planet, the trio speculatesas to its origin, and Pantha uses it to return to there.

5:  "The Thing in Denny Colt's Grave"

Conrad and Pendragon, on their third night of waiting for the monster that is Denny Colt to claw his way out of his tomb, hear a horrified scream ... from the cypts!  Realising that they had made an error in suspecting that the monster loose in Wildwood Cemetary lurked within the grave of Denny Colt, they arrive in time to prevent the monster from buthering another woman.  While Van Helsing protects the victim, Pendragon pursues the monster through a tomb, and down into a tunnel that leads to the city's sewage system.  He is attacked by the monster, and attempts to conjure an illusion to defend himself.  From above, Conrad and the woman hear an anguished cry, followed by the approach of a figure through the darkness of the tomb. 

"It is only I, Professor, " reveals Pendragon, "One slightly shaken, but none-the-worse-for-wear magician ... with a tightly bound package ... alias the Phantom Killer!  Otherwise known as Denny Colt!"

"Not Denny Colt, my friend," contradicts Van Helsing. 

"His name is Elmiro Dungfoot!  And there is nothing supernatural about him!" intercedes the woman. 

"Although, I suspect he is in need of intensive psychiatric treatment," continues Van Helsing, "Yet, what we have over here is what they call the piece de resistance!" 

Conrad reveals an extraterrestrial vehicle hidden in the tombs, with a panther emblem on its hull. Conrad infers that the mystery girl wearing the amulet was Dungfoot's first victim; she must have gotten away from him, found the saucer and donned the amulet, then changed and escaped ... which is when Vampirella discovered her and Dungfoot's alternate first victim.  The protagonists were erroneously led to believe that the same amulet found within the craft one belonged to an Egyptian pharoah; perhaps the pharoah Khafra was indeed a star-traveller, which might explain the presence of the current vehicle as one of many sent in search of spaceman Khafra.  There may even be several panther amulets about, each capable of changing a human being into a killer beast.  Dungfoot's diary, also found in the tomb, may even reveal the reasons behind his senseless slaughter of three women.  "I can tell you that, Professor," responds the woman.

Who was Elmiro Dungfoot

At Denny Colt's grave

Pendragon spots someone

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