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What is the name of Silk Satin's daughter ? (Answer at bottom of the page)

The files below can be downloaded by right clicking on the link and then selecting "Save as" from the list. To conserve space on the server these files have been saved as jpg files, but they will need to be bitmap (bmp) files to be used as wallpaper on most Windows systems. These can be easily converted when using the "Save as" option and then selecting bmp from the drop down options.

Thumbnail Spirit characters #1 - Available either as 640 or 800 size

Thumbnail P'Gell#1 - 640 or 800 size

Thumbnail Gizeh - taken from the KSP Spirit magazine # 29. Either 640 or 800

Thumbnail This image was orginally used in the 1 December 1940 section, Girl's Dorm. Either 640 or 800

The images below can be brought up by clicking on the thumbnail images which will bring them up in a new window.

The following two images are courtesy of Douglas Nasluchacz

The following images are from The Spirit Portfolio

The following images are from The Spirit Postcards set:

The following sketches are courtesy of Eric Swainsbury:

The following images are courtesy of John & Rob Powell

Both of these images are from the personal collection of John & Rob Powell - the first image is part of a much larger collage.

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Trivia Answer: Hildie.(For more information about Silk Satin, click here)