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Over the course of The Spirit's appearances since 1940, it should come as no surprise that other characters have appeared that bear a striking resemblence to Denny Colt's alter ego....


GREYSHIRT - (Created by Alan Moore and Rick Veitch). First appeared in Tomorrow Stories #1 (October 1999).

The tales of this character are very similar to those of The Spirit in that they usually concentrate on the other cast appearing in the story rather than dwelling on Greyshirt himself. Greyshirt's appearances in Tomorrow Stories are presented as a homage to Eisner's work on The Spirit. The Greyshirt character is scheduled to appear in the first twelve issues only, due to Rick Veitch's grievance with DC Comics (who brought up the original publisher of the series, Jim Lee's Wildstorm Comics, which is now an imprint of DC) over non-publication of a Swamp Thing story.

MASKED MAN - (Created by BC Boyer). First appeared in Eclipse Magazine #7 (1982).

Although this character strongly resembles The Spirit, B.C. Boyer was initially not aware of the similarities - however, as the editor at Eclipse was Spirit expert Catherine Yronwode it would not be too long before a tribute would be paid in the form of the "Phantom Man" who appeared in the Masked Man story published in Eclipse Monthly #8 (1984).

With thanks to Mikel Midnight for assistance.

The cover to Smash Comics #60

MIDNIGHT - (Created by Jack Cole). First appeared in Smash Comics #18 (January 1941).

Instructed by Quality Comics publisher (and business partner of Eisner) Everett "Busy" Arnold - Jack Cole created this very familiar looking hero which was intended as a possible replacement in the Comic Book Section if for any reason that Will Eisner was killed or unable to return to The Spirit whilst in the army during World War 2. For more information about Midnight, click here.

The cover to Big Bang Comics #29

THE SPOOK - (Created by Chris Ecker?). First appeared in Big Bang Comics #29 (February 2000).

Like most of the other characters appearing in Big Bang Comics, The Spook had a comprehensive history created for this publisher who although had only been publishing the series for a few years created a rich tapestry of titles and characters that might have appeared. In the case of The Spook, his first appearance in the Big Bang universe would be in the pages of pulp magazines (with a history and storylines very reminiscent of The Shadow) before transferring to comic books. Appearing as an 8 page story in a weekly magazine by Isaac "Izzy" Erwin (note that one of Will Eisner's pen-names was Erwin), the strip was eventually cancelled in 1961. The character returned (with a white beard as shown above) to help the Knight Watchman fight Red Ted in the second of a multipart story. For more information about the Big Bang series, click here.

THE SPRITE - (Created by Brian Buniak). First appeared in New Paltz Comix #2: Amazing Adult Fantasies (1974).

The first direct parody of THE SPIRIT - for more information, click here.

Splash page to The Wraith

THE WRAITH - (Created by Michael T. Gilbert). First appeared in Quack #1 (July 1976).

Long-time fan of THE SPIRIT, Michael T. Gilbert's The Wraith is an affectionate tribute to the style of Eisner's work. For more information on this character, click here.

If you know of anymore "wannabees", please let me know.

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